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More on the rise in violent crime

Shooting deaths of police are up 78% this year.

One Response to “More on the rise in violent crime”

  1. Chas Says:

    Yeah, as I mentioned in your post “Police Shootings Up?” there are other articles, and as I recall from the picture, this is the one that I had read.
    Blue lives do not matter to Obama. The creep wouldn’t even light the White House blue. Not even purely symbolic support for police officers, even as they are being murdered in the streets. His lack of support will be remembered forever, because there’s no forgetting that, and the funerals. The Nazi (National Socialist) in the White House says, “No blue for you!”.
    If you think that hatred for Obama is racist, just think of the reception he would receive if he were president of the NRA. You’d have a million white men standing at attention saluting him with the deepest respect. Yeah, the Obama haters are just racist. My ass!

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