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A tale of two conventions

You can tell a lot about who the speakers are.

3 Responses to “A tale of two conventions”

  1. Chas Says:

    “Which party is the serious party that is actually concerned with America?”

    The Democrat Party is the party that is actually concerned with the destruction of America.
    Hillary wants to bring in a million Muslims and eliminate CCW, so that you can be beheaded without being able to defend yourself. Yes, Granny Mao really is THAT crazy.

  2. Fred Says:

    So, the D party wants a socialist state. But, they need the R party because you can’t put your enemies into camps without a police state. Things are right on schedule but the march of left – right – left – right better hurry, folks might catch on.

    Bernie: Free shit, at gun point, or else.
    Trump: MAKE America safe, at gun point, or else.
    Clinton: Ignore trail of deaths, at gun point, or else.

  3. TS Says:

    Well, if you actually research who donates to congress, you wouldn’t conclude that the republicans are owned by the NRA, but rather the democrats are owned by the unions. So it’s not surprising.