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Customer service

While at the NRA annual meeting, I checked out the Apex Tactical booth. Paul said he’d send me some goodies. Sure enough, a bit later I received in the mail a Duty/Carry Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger & Kit for the M&P shield and a Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit with a flat-faced trigger for a M&P full size.

I installed the Shield kit with no problem, though it took a bit of time and patience. However, installing the full-sized parts, I managed to launch the sear spring plunger into the abyss. I called Apex and they’re sending me a replacement. Sweet. Soon, I can assemble these parts back into RACEGUN:


6 Responses to “Customer service”

  1. KCSteve Says:

    The key is to work on things inside one of those 2 gallon ZipLoc baggies. That way anything that flies off doesn’t go far or get lost. Put a towel in your lap to catch anything that manages to shoot through next to your hands.

  2. Chas Says:

    All this sophistication, where does it end? I’m just trying to get my Pedersoli An IX de Gendarmerie to the range tomorrow. So much to do. Patches have to be cut and lubed, cleaning rod readied to swab out the barrel between shots, leather cut to hold the flint, priming powder readied, and still need a vent pick to leave a hole in the powder charge while loading. Hope the ball starter I made years ago for a .45 longrifle works on a .60 cal. Maybe I should just get me one of them newfangled smokeless jobs like an M&P Shield? Naah, looks like too much work. Duty/carry/set triggers, what the heck? Too much work!

  3. Will Says:

    Be careful about rev changes on your model gun. Just because they say it fits a certain model, isn’t necessarily an accurate statement. They won’t care, either. Not what I would call good customer service.

  4. Old NFO Says:

    There are those who HAVE launched springs into oblivion, and those who will… Glad they’re giving you another one! (BTDT, TWICE no less… sigh)

  5. NotClauswitz Says:

    Launching springs is easy, it’s the spring-loaded ball-bearings that really travel!
    I have to look into that, I pickup my Shield-9 next week.

  6. dandydon Says:

    Sent my semi-drop-in apex barrel and M&P Pro slide to them, because it wasn’t fitting well. they said they would fit it at no charge. They called to tell me it was ready to ship back, but they noticed a couple other items it might be worth replacing on the slide, and they offered to do it for the price of parts alone. I told them to do it, and while they were at it, send me a trigger replacement kit. They called back and asked if I would like them to go ahead and replace the striker block to save me having to drift the sight myself when I got it back. Apex folks are the best. The BEST!