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Seen on the NRA floor: Raven Concealment’s Optic Mount

I like Raven Concealment, and they are my plastic holster of choice. They’ve come out with a new optic mount for handguns that doesn’t require you to drill or tap your gun’s slide:


As you may or may not be able to see, the mount replaces the slide cover plate and slides into the rear sight slot. Maybe this is better:


Innovative idea.

7 Responses to “Seen on the NRA floor: Raven Concealment’s Optic Mount”

  1. aerodawg Says:

    I think rico suarez beat them too it

  2. Lyle Says:


  3. Tam Says:


    Looks like you need to drift the dovetail out on the Suarez mount to detail strip the slide. That seems like a pain in the butt, having to re-zero your dot every time you took the striker out?

  4. Old NFO Says:

    Yep, that IS a tad different… But I can’t help but wonder what would happen if that optical sight got banged hard enough, would it strip the slide cover plate out?

  5. aerodawg Says:

    Tam, I don’t know much about the Suarez mount. I just knew I had seen a very similar item recently when I saw this.

  6. MattCFII Says:

    There is also the Dueck slide mount that doesn’t need the threaded slide plate:

    I would bet overall though the extra slide plate attach point is going to be more stable and prevent windage drifts. Strike Industries uses a similar attach method on there picatinny rail mount.

    How often do you need to pull the rear plate for a detail strip? Kinda reminds me of the Ultimak mount for the AK, you shoot several thousand rounds until the detail clean when you know you will need to re-zero.

  7. Lyle Says:

    MattCFII; As far as I’m concerned, you’ll likely never need to remove your UltiMAK AK mount. We went over seven thousand documented rounds before taking one off, just to see, and well, swabbing the tube from behind while it remains in place would be plenty, IMO.

    I’ve had my old Glock 20’s cover plate out several times, but mostly to show other people how the slide assembly and action work. I’ve taken the slide down for cleaning only a few times in 20 years, but but I can’t say how many rounds it’s eaten in that time. It’s on its third ectractor, second recoil spring and its second “firing pin” safety plunger, and the slide lock lever broke once. More’n a few rounds anyhow, and anyway removing the cover plate isn’t the sort of thing you’d *need* to do more than seasonally even if you shoot a lot.