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Keep your booger hook off the bangswitch

Or you might shoot yourself when holstering.

4 Responses to “Keep your booger hook off the bangswitch”

  1. Jerry The Geek Says:

    I’ve been going to gun shows since Christ was a D-class shooter in IPSC, and I’ve never seen one which didn’t have a security station where they insured that you were UNLOADED before entering the show.

    I know this is nothing new (you have so many “booger hook” references I’m overwhelmed) but really .. how many people have to foul up to allow this to happen?

    No, I don’t care much about the idiot who shot his ass off …. that’s a Darwinian Moment. But I’m really concerned about how this makes the rest of us look!

  2. Jerry The Geek Says:

    UPDATE: Okay, I went back and actually READ the article more carefully:
    ” … a 62-year-old man was leaving the expo center when he holstered his .40 caliber handgun. ”

    Imagine that. Leaving a gun show, he must be very embarrassed. I hope.

  3. Tim D Says:

    If they hadn’t required him to manipulate his pistol and it had remained in the holster the entire time it would not have gone off.

  4. Joe Says:

    Good thing they had him clear his pistol and check it before he went in… otherwise he might have shot himself.

    Layers and layers of gun safety.

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