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The Trumpening

Best Election Ever

I’m greatly amused by the election. It’s such a fantastic shit show to watch unfold. On the Democrat side, you have Hillary and her Super Delegates (which count as like 10,000 regular democrats) resoundingly beating the Sandernistas. How democratic.

On the Republican side, the Trumpanzees crack me right up. Seriously, a guy running for office should know how the election he’s running in works. He clearly doesn’t nor do his people. And to watch them whine about a rigged system (which it is, so you know, but not as rigged as the Democrat election) is kind of sad.

It’s a race to 1,237 delegates. You get those, and you’re running for the job of Presidenting. If you don’t, then the convention is contested and you try to win there. I’m amazed at how many people simply do not understand this. It’s their party and their rules, which they will change on a whim if it suits them. Ask Ron Paul.

Those guys should know this stuff.

And watching right wing and mainstream media go ALL TRUMP ALL THE TIME is getting tiresome. I mean, between Trumpbart, The Trump Report, Trump and Friends, Trumpity, The Trump Factor, TrumpSNBC and TrumpNN (ok, I made those last two up), it’s everywhere. All this for a guy who is probably going to get doxxed in the general. Someone has dirt on him.

I would kind of like to watch he and Hillary debate though. He’d eat her alive. And be called a sexist for it.

22 Responses to “The Trumpening”

  1. Fred Says:

    I’m starting to think that this is a setup. Are Americans really this stupid?

    And he is a sexist. He appears to be a male and presumably has a penis.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Is he (are they) really that dumb, still, or is it more of a convenient act at this stage? Either way, unless he’s willing to admit he was ignorant and wrong, he’ll have to keep ramping up the stupid, to maintain the narrative. If he wins, he’ll use that narrative as a weapon.

    We’ve seen this stuck-on-stupid disease wreck people before. Look what happened to Jessie Ventura and some of his people. And look at the entire Democrat Party and all their supporters. They’re in so deep it would take an act of God to bail them out of that sea of stupid and lies. Our problem is, politically speaking, the Republicans are on the same trajectory.

  3. FiftycalTX Says:

    So glad you are having a good time. So I guess you are going to vote for whatever fool the “L”ibertarian party can dig up? Yah, that will be a BLOW for freedom when it gets Hitler, er, Hillary elected. So I guess you support “australian style” gun confiscation? More gun laws? How about 6 anti-gun Supreme Court justices? Lot to laugh about there.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    I’m just amused at the horserace/spectacle of it all. On the issues, we’re truly screwed unless Cruz pulls it off. I voted for him in the primary because Paul was out.

  5. Linoge Says:

    I still want a Trump/Bernie debate.

    Because that’d be fucking hilarious.

  6. Linoge Says:

    And, yeah, I, at least, will be voting for Johnson.

    Because if the best you can do for your candidate is childish and truly idiotic personal attacks against people who aren’t his sycophantic fans, fearmongering, and “well, at least he’s not X”, he obviously can’t be that good of a candidate.

  7. Anon Says:

    So, basically, we’re going to go from Americas first affirmative action president to Americas first reality television president…

  8. Erik Says:

    I think (hope) that at one debate Trump will look at Hillary and say “See you next Tuesday.”

  9. Michael Says:

    I agree with you on everything except that last part. In a debate, she’d eat him up for lunch, and spit him out. I may strongly disagree with her fundamental beliefs (such as they are), but at least she does her homework.

    And, don’t forget Candy Crowley (and her tag team partners) will be there, actually asking him follow up questions, unlike that sycophant-fake-conservative Hannity. I understand why the left is pushing him, he’s a left wing caricature of Rs, but not Fox, et al.

    I’ve given up fox. Thankfully, their ratings are tanking (relative: you’d expect them up more than 7% in a presidential election year. CNN is up like 150%). A pox on all their houses.

  10. JTC Says:

    This is a one-issue election.

    On the one hand, a known entity who will exploit that issue to replace and displace you.

    On the other hand, an unknown entity who will (and already has) exploit that issue with a promise to prevent your replacement and displacement.

    You choose.

  11. Jeffersonian Says:

    Doesn’t matter who wins. We have crested. All that is left is the crash. And there will be a crash.

    Cruz would best handle that but only those with an IQ higher than “simmer” know this.

    Zombies are coming. I need more ammo for the festivities. And potato salad.

    Fug Trump. Fug Hillary. Sanders? Whatever.

  12. Bram Says:

    I eould have preferred to see Rand Paul or (second choice) Cruz debating Clinton. But I’m more of a logic guy than a theater fan.

  13. that guy Says:

    If anyone thinks that a land developer in NYC that did developments in NJ is not mobbed up to hell and corrupt with piles of skeletons in his closets, they are living a fantasy.

    …it will come out and be used to hurt all of us. But only once it is too late to change horses. After the convention, if Trump is nominated, it will suddenly be front page news

  14. mikee Says:

    Hillary, who wants the presidency to achieve revenge on the entire country for the (extremely well paid) humiliation of her life with Bill, has been working for at least 20 years for this election. She learned the Stalinist dictum that it is not who votes that matters, it is who counts the votes. Her organization, paid for with her corrupt money and supported by her blackmailed or sycophantic followers, is unstoppable. She has the votes already to win in the key states of VA, PA, FL and OH, via her precinct by precinct control, so the election is hers. There is no stopping her, as overcoming her actual votes plus whatever fraudulent votes she has created for her is an impossibility.

    We have selected our destroyer, and it ain’t the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, it is a shrieking, cackling harpy who has decades of shame, cuckoldry and public humiliation to pay back. We are doomed. DOOMED!

    Her first term will be counted a success by me if and only if no US city experiences a nuclear blast. And I’m not thinking her first term will be a success.

  15. Ron W Says:

    @mikee, In a recent “gun violence” panel, Hillary Clinton agreed that “gun owners are terrorists”. So she will go after that “enemy” if elected, while she continues “the Obama legacy” of aiding, abetting and facilitating invasion and their appeasement and accommodation. She needs us disarmed to make that agenda work well.

  16. Sigivald Says:

    On the Democrat side, you have Hillary and her Super Delegates (which count as like 10,000 regular democrats) resoundingly beating the Sandernistas. How democratic.

    In due fairness and duty to the truth, she’s also ahead 4:3 in raw votes and about 5:4 in real, pledged delegates.

    The Sanders supporter belief that he’s “really more popular” is not supported by the vote counts, and if anything he’s doing better in delegates than in votes.

    Exactly the opposite of what the Sanders follower line is, as far as I can tell from being inundated with it on Facebook.

  17. Sigivald Says:

    In a recent “gun violence” panel, Hillary Clinton agreed that “gun owners are terrorists”.

    That’s a bit … undiplomatic, even for her.

    Is there a primary source for that claim?

    (I don’t want to sound like I’m a Hillary fan; I’d rather even have that idiot Trump, and I’m voting for Johnson.

    But even the worst politicians deserve the honor of accurate representation of their statements.

    And I find it hard to believe she’s dumb enough to say that thing; not that I can’t believe she thinks it ro something close.

    So I did a quick search, and found this: “Clinton nodded emphatically as another panelist blamed gun and ammunition manufacturers for “making terrorists out of our citizens.”

    Not … quite “agreeing” with the specific statement mentioned; I tend to view nodding at blather during a panel as vague agreement with overall tendencies rather than a strong endorsement of the exact wording.

    So I’d call it a point against Clinton, but not Calling Gun Owners Terrorists; hell, even the original speaker seems to really be blaming the success of people who already want to commit mass murder on The Gun Industry, not calling all gun owners terrorists.

    [“the industry creates [arms and enables by virtue of guns being legal] terrorists” is not the same as “gun owners as a group are terrorists”. It just isn’t. Words mean things.]

    A false and damnable claim, but a different one.)

  18. JK Brown Says:

    I voted for Cruz in the primary as well. But since then, I’ve been disheartened to see that he doesn’t seem to have the instincts to win the general. And at this point, not-Hillary is my choice.

    But listen to this dub of Trump with an English accent then watch it and see the difference in how you think the content.

    The whining about the delegate poaching was strategic as it shut down the establishment changing the rules at the last minute. If they do that now, they can expect the party to be in two or more pieces by 2018.

  19. Ron W Says:

    @Sigivald, I understand wanting to cut Hillary someslack, but I think it could be inferred that one who terrorizes is a terrorist:

    I also would like to know if her seeming advocacy of Australian style gun control implies her support of mandatory buy backs or what is gun confiscation?

  20. Mark Matis Says:

    Well of course you’re right, that guy. After all, there’s surely no way Rupert and his team would have been able to find that if it was true. Neither would any of the Rove Republicans running against him. I mean, after all, surely Jeb! is too pure to use any such information in an election.

    When Mr. Trump locks up the nomination, I hope he is smart enough to ask this man:

    to be his Vice President. When they win the election, President Trump can then send General Mattis to work out the details of foreign affairs with heads of state around the world, and the Media – both foreign and domestic – will have a difficult time caricaturing him as a result of the reputation he has already built. In the meantime, President Trump can spend his efforts exposing and destroying the domestic corruption in this country, since he already knows where it is and how to cure it.

    Of course, if the general is diametrically opposed to Mr. Trump’s policies, then such an arrangement would make no sense. But otherwise, it would be FAR better than any alliance with any of the Rove Republican swill that would do their best to undercut President Trump at every turn. Reagan’s biggest mistake, after all, was accepting Bush I as his running mate, and then accepting him as his successor in 1988, even though Bush I had clearly not changed from the Rockefeller Republican sewage that he was when he ran against Reagan in 1980. But Reagan would not have been able to fund his campaign on his own, and thus had to accept the dictates of the sewage running the GOP at that time. Trump does not suffer from that same situation. And the Rove Republican swill are not about to support Trump anyway, no matter what bones he tosses in their direction. They would be GLAD to have Hillary as president, since after all she is nothing more than one of them, but with a pair of balls.

  21. Blounttruth Says:

    It amazes me that people cannot see through Cruz and his connections to the globalists. For God’s sake, Goldman’s gave him millions in loans and he only recently recanted his Canadian citizenship, but to all their own, and to the rest I guess they are just dumb.
    Cruz’s wifey is a Goldman exec, signed her name to the CFR’s North American Union, and Cruz’s love letter and blessing to the Bush administrations 8 year disaster are not enough to make a real conservative cringe? Trump may well be a fraud, but given the chance he may well do the right thing, but I see the elite causing a false flag, killing him, or causing some sort of disaster more so then he destroying us himself, but what amazes me is that after the years of blatant corruption and the right coveting Obama there are still those that want to elect a life long politician in Cruz. Call people names all you want, you now have the power to say “I told you so”, but not much past that if Cruz was the great white hope to save the nation.

  22. Michael Says:

    Is that coolaid tasty?