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Skynet looming

So, Microsoft created an AI bot that would learn to interact with people on social media. Within 24 hours of being on the internet, it became racist, national socialist, pervert conspiracy theorist.

And this is why we should maybe reconsider this whole artificial intelligence thing.

14 Responses to “Skynet looming”

  1. SD3 Says:

    “Within 24 hours of being on the internet, it became racist, national socialist, pervert conspiracy theorist.”

    Bill Clinton? Is that you?!?

  2. Ratus Says:

    So your average SJW/BLM’re?

  3. nk Says:

    An AI Trump supporter?

  4. Pogue Says:

    I bet it has a fedora and neckbeard.

  5. comatus Says:

    As an AI experiment, it’s a total success: that’s the same thing that happens to most humans. Pretty sure they expected it to drink hot chocolate and talk about Health Care. No doubt they’ll try a “male” next time. Prepare.

  6. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    Well, before we discount the entire idea, lets have someone other than Microsoft try it….otherwise it’s just programmed failure.

  7. D2k Says:

    The result was pretty much exactly what you would expect from an expert system chatbot, I’m sure they had some interesting new AI stuff going on behind the scenes, but the result was pretty similar to what you’d expect from similar systems 15 years ago.

    I’m currently working in a very different field of AI and I find it funny how often people project their fears of AI onto these really weak systems.

  8. JTC Says:

    This was just a juvenile exercise by MS, giving a teenybopper voice to the PITA algorithms that load up my pages with links to diabetic info, cat food, or ammo because I visit a site or three…record, repeat, regurgitate.

    Skynet OTOH, is being actively fostered and developed by a far more sinister, funded, and determined entity in Google. They might have jettisoned BigDog, but that doesn’t mean their AI and the bots that will incorporate it ain’t being developed, to probably less than altruisticends.

  9. JTC Says:

    altruistic ends…

  10. JK Brown Says:


    This AI went bad on Twitter. You should check out he demographics of Twitter users, young, Black/Hispanic, urban/suburban, etc. Not exactly the stereotypical Trump supporter demographics. Oh, and the most active national leader is Obama.

  11. MJM Says:

    I have no fear of artificial intelligence. It’s the presumed kind that I find scary. See, e.g., Melissa Click.

  12. Ellen Says:

    So they got artificial stupidity instead. It’s a start.

  13. Yancy Smith Says:

    ….I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords …

  14. Anon Says:

    Take 1: “it takes a village”

    Take 2: try again connecting it to a digital library of the classics, rather than 4chan.

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