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Making the switch . . . back

Tam is suiting up with a G19 now, instead of the M&P. T Bolt says it could be a new trend, particularly if I do it. Well, I carried Glocks for years. I doubt I’ll switch to anything anytime soon, for a few reasons:

Switching guns is expensive. Sure, you can recoup the cost by selling your current gear but getting new magazines, holsters, lasers, and other whiz bang tactical gear costs real money.

I really like the M&Ps.

I have five of them.

And I have decent golf clubs. Not super nice ones but good enough that, on the odd occasion, I play, they’re not embarrassing. But I’m not good enough at golf that a new set would improve my ability to play. Same with the M&P. If I thought I could out shoot it, I may be tempted. But I’m not that good at shooting for it to make much of a difference.

7 Responses to “Making the switch . . . back”

  1. mikee Says:

    Of more import to the general state of the world is that Tam got to shoot a box of ammo through her G37 at her company Christmas party. Now that is a party.

    At my company’s Christmas party, I won a jar of candy by guessing closest to the total number of pieces in the jar.

    I think Tam’s company party was better.

  2. aerodawg Says:

    I was eyeball deep in m&p-aid till I shot a sig 320. Immediately shot it better than the s&w I’ve been toting for years.

    I’m down to just the shield now and I’m about to replace it with a 320 compact. Add a subcompact frame it’s thickness is within 2 tenths of the shield and you get 4 more rounds plus the ability to take 15 and 17 round mags. Swap in a carry frame and it’s another 17 round complement to my full size with a slightly shorter barrel.

  3. MAJMike Says:

    My EDC pistols revolve among a Glock 19, a Springfield XD in .45 ACP and (most frequently) an HK .45 Compact USP. I shoot all of them on a regular basis and I’m quite comfortable with all of them. Its okay to embrace diversity.

  4. Tam Says:

    I shoot all of them on a regular basis and Im quite comfortable with all of them.

    But not as good with any of them as you could be. 🙂

  5. Skullz Says:

    I agree, Unc. I’ve been shooting and carrying Glocks since 1996. I have a number of them and many magazines, holsters, etc. Too many to switch now.

    However, when new shooters ask me “should I get a glock, or M&P?” My response is ” you can’t really go wrong with either. Learn how to manipulate and shoot it well, whatever you decide.”

  6. SoupOrMan Says:

    I’m still looking for something to replace my J-Frame.

  7. MajMike Says:

    Re Tam: I’m as good with them as I need to be.

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