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Guns is expensive

Had cause to celebrate and what better way than a new handgun? Picked up a Smith and Wesson M&P9 at Coal Creek Armory. Been wanting one for a while, even though I’ve never shot one. Snagged a CrimsonTrace Lasergrip to go along with it (damn you CCA for having them in stock!). A couple boxes of ammo, since I was currently sans 9mm of any kind. No luck finding extra mags. First gun purchase I’ve made in a while and I remembered something: guns are expensive. And I say that as someone who paid a fair price for every thing. Coal Creek is not more expensive than other shops. Gun, laser, ammo, taxes and transfer fees out the door for just over a grand. And I still need a holster, some more magazines, and more ammo. I figure another $160 for a holster and mag carrier. And three more mags come in at about $100. A carry gun, enough ammo for carry, and accessories come in at over $1,200. Granted, you can do without the laser and get down to under $9 bills. But I really recommend lasers for carry guns. Price is probably why a lot of people don’t carry or own guns or lack adequate equipment.

Here’s a pic:

From Gun Porn

Also, it is interesting to me. I used to carry full size 9mms all the time. Then, over the years, I started carrying compact 45s. Now, it looks like I’ve come full circle and am back to full size 9mms.

Will have more on the M&P later.

6 Responses to “Guns is expensive”

  1. Mike V Says: has EXCELLENT prices on M&P mags fwiw

  2. JD Says:

    I am sure you will like it, I love my full size 9mm M&P

  3. Jay G. Says:

    Nice pick-up Unc! I’d like to get one of those when I move to America (there’s no way in hell I’m buying a *new* full-size 9mm with only 10 round magazines).

    Lots of guys running those up here for all kinds of action shooting and they all swear by them…

  4. trackerk Says:

    Driving an hour past my usual gun shop tomorrow to pick up a Walther PPS for carry when my G17 is too big for wardrobe. Driving an hour because it was substantially cheaper there than where I usually go. Made me kind of sad because I’ve bought most of my guns from a friend of mine at that store. But because he is also my friend he told me where to go to get this one cheaper. Great salesman and great friend!

    Shop around for the gun purchases.

  5. Jerry Says:


  6. Drop Crate Says:

    Excellent choice. I have that same model in 40 cal with a 9mm conversion in the works. I also have a compact in 9mm. Both have thumb safeties.

    I saw a brand new M&P9c w/safety at the Ft Worth gun show last weekend for just $399. Typically they are $460 around here.

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