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One is none and two is one. So, two is also none. So, three is the way to go . . . I dunno math is hard

Anyway, after many, many different knives, I’ve settled on the Spyderco with the Emerson Wave. Here they are. One Endura for left handed carry, one Endura for right handed carry, and one Delica for right handed carry:


Why do I like the Wave? Because it comes out wicked fast:

10 Responses to “One is none and two is one. So, two is also none. So, three is the way to go . . . I dunno math is hard”

  1. poobie Says:

    I’ve got a delica just like that one; it’s about as much knife as I can justify carrying on campus. It’s a great knife, though.

    when I need to downsize from there, like for gamedays, I’ve taken to toting a Spyderco Dragonfly. small enough to not be threatening to po-pos and rent-a-cops, but a much more useful blade than your typical pen knife.

  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Two is one, one is none, but three is even better. (This is from what I remember, it has likely changed by now)

  3. Skullz Says:

    That’s my travel knife. It’s packed in my checked luggage or shipped ahead of time.

    My daily carry is a real Emerson Commander. The difference is night and day. The blade stays sharp much longer, has a better grip, and the overall knife is 10 X better made. You should buy one…. Or four.

  4. Alien Says:

    Does Tennessee not permit automatic knives?

  5. nk Says:

    I’ve got about 50 folders, although only half a dozen are one-hand quick-opening, and 90% of the time I carry the favorite I’ve had for 30 years, a Gerber Bolt-Action with a Flicket I put on. I haven’t found the knife to beat it for portability, durability, ease of sharpening, ease and silence of opening, grip, and versatility. But knife-love is not really based on utility.

  6. Tam Says:

    Does Tennessee not permit automatic knives?

    I own several autos. I carry a waved Endura. The waved knife opens faster than an auto.

    With an auto, you pull the knife out of the pocket and then push the button to open the knife. With the wave, the very act of pulling the knife out of the pocket opens the blade; there’s no separate step of pushing a button or a flipper or a thumb stud. Just pull it out and it’s open.

  7. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Aside from the speed advantage, you can also choose to -not- use the Wave when, say, cutting open a package in the Post Office, or in the office/public around non-knife people. With an auto you don’t really have that option.

    I carry a decent-sized assisted opener but I will often take it out and open it two-handed when I don’t want to draw attention to the big blade in my hand (and forget I have a pen knife on my keys).

    No “Click! Presto! Blade!” to startle folks.

  8. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I may have to try this, shave off a few ms, but I never minded whipping out the butterfly or switchblade. It’s kinda fun triggering PSH in the eloi.

  9. Lumpy Rutherford Says:

    Just put a zip tie (cable tie) on your spyderco instead. Check out some on youtube. Works great.

  10. Adam Says:

    I can attest.. one is definitely none when it comes to spyderco warranty policy.