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Fear Factory

A list of American’s top fears. Unsurprisingly, government is numero uno. Gun control takes 11th place.

10 Responses to “Fear Factory”

  1. tincankilla Says:

    this will be useful. another one:

  2. Paul B Says:

    Two thoughts, I looked at the graph and about all the things we are afraid of are in some degree controlled by the government.

    Second, fear of the government covers the 1st 5 amendments to the constitution for good reason.

  3. Jailer Says:

    And people fear Obama care more than they fear getting sick.

  4. KCSteve Says:

    I notice that Mass Shootings ranked below both Volcanoes and Needles.

  5. j t bolt Says:

    So, people are afraid of the government coming for their guns?

  6. JTC Says:


    Okay, given the obvious, that the top contenders are gov incursions, and good to see that most don’t seem to give a rat’s ass what other people think.

    But putting nukes, terrorists, ghosts, and tornadoes ahead of fucking CLOWNS? Have these people never been to a clown rodeo and seen the depth of evil they embody?

    Thank God for the brave clownboys who fight them to the bloody death, so clueless proles can blithely claim to have no fear of these wretched, horrid beasts.

  7. Tokarev Says:

    So I read it as the fear of “gun control” is #11, but the fear of “guns” doesn’t make the list.

  8. Lyle Says:

    “So I read it as the fear of “gun control” is #11, but the fear of “guns” doesn’t make the list.”

    I’m guessing there’s some overlap there. Given that ghosts and zombies made the list at all, there are obviously some very confused people in the sample.

  9. Lyle Says:

    The questions are too general. For example they have the listing “expressing opinion”. Most people I know are comfortable expressing their opinions, but at the same time most of them are afraid of me expressing my opinion.

  10. mikee Says:

    Rear is one thing, preparation to overcome a feared event is something else entirely.

    Until people put their money where their fears are, it don’t mean a thing.

    What are Americans spending their money to prevent, or to prepare to survive? That would be a real list of fears.

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