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Democrats and guns

Confiscation seems to be OK among them, notably Hillary.

VA governor takes executive action on gun control. The list looks silly. You don’t already trace crime guns or prosecute gun crimes?

8 Responses to “Democrats and guns”

  1. skidmark Says:

    Public opinion polling shows 93%+ of Virginians oppose the Executive order – and most polls are capturing IPs to prevent Democrat style (multiple) voting. The Legislators outside of Northern Virginia are expressing many levels of unhappiness. Insider rumblings are already being heard that some/most of the proposals may be “zero funded” in the state budget.

    Within 24 hours it’s beginning to look as if McAuliffe’s future political potential may be swirling around the drain.

    stay safe.

  2. Stretch Says:

    McAuliffe’s soul purpose for running for VA governor was to insure Hillery gets VA’s electoral votes

    Anything else is secondary.

  3. Ron W Says:

    One of their main arguments against 2nd Amendment rights supporters is “no one is talking about taking your guns”. So why are they now praising Australia and England which did that? And how will “universal background checks” be enforced without violating the 4th Amendment, one amendment that even leftists still SAY they support? Given the coddling that authoritarian politicians receive from leftist media debate moderators, it’s not likely they will be required to answer for their anti Bill of Rights agenda.

  4. JTC Says:

    As to leftist media, even they know when to fold; just threaten them where they live, in their numbers.

    Y’all remember when that insipid little girl T. Swift single-handedly backed down Apple over iTunes policy? Yep, just like that, and for the same reasons; self preservation.

    This is yoooooge…and it will only serve to further empower and embolden DT:

    What’s the difference between the Zero and the Hillzabeast, when we know they both harbor the same hatred of you and your guns, and the same passionate desire to use gov guns to take yours. Difference is, he ain’t got the balls. Trump can beat that bitch. Can anyone else that will be on the stage that he has just proven he owns?

  5. JimB Says:

    Geee all those words and at the end he demands that existing laws be enforced by the people who never seem to really enforce them. Oh.. and create a whole new set of “Gun Free Zones”. We know how that usually works out. When someone lights up one of these zones he’ll dance in the blood and call for more regulations. Typical Democrat a$$hole.

  6. Michael Says:

    Though useless orders that he has the audacity to prohibit a right under the seal of Virginia says much about our society. Jefferson would not know his own state. And it’s going to get worst before it get better. The voting demographics are looking much like IL.

  7. Ron W Says:

    JimB, and the Governor, like the President, will VIOLATE gun free zones wherever he goes.

  8. Stuart the Viking Says:

    “…our Commonwealth has taken great steps to limit access to guns to those who have mental health issues,
    previous felony convictions, or a current protective order.”

    Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but that sure looks to me like he’s saying that only people with mental health issues, felonies, or protective orders are allowed to have guns.

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