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Quote of the day


If you’re being attacked by someone within arm’s reach, you don’t have a gun, y’all have a gun. It’s probably best if it stays in the holster until you’ve bought enough space to make it just your gun again.”

23 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Rich Says:

    Totally circumstantial – tell that to Zimmerman.
    Thanks Unc – Love the blog.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    True. Paying attention goes a long way. And the attacker’s lack of does also. Martin was distracted because he was beating up the “gay guy”

  3. McThag Says:

    Tam should know better.

    Y’all is singular.

    All y’all is the plural.

  4. mikee Says:

    All y’all is plural, but y’all are, too.

    Second person subMasonDixon, if I remember my grammar lessons from back in North Carolina.

    Also, gunfight rules:

  5. JTC Says:

    “…you dont have a gun, yall have a gun.”

    All else aside, that girl can turn a phrase as well as anybody I’ve ever seen.

  6. rd Says:

    All else aside, that girl can turn a phrase as well as anybody Ive ever seen.


  7. mariner Says:


    I wish I could turn a phrase like she does.

    (Too bad we can’t write these on her site anymore.)

  8. The_Jack Says:

    Mariner your parenthetical statement is darkly amusing given the very comment you and rd are referencing.

  9. jason Says:

    +1 to the Jack. mariner, guess whose fault it is you can’t write that on her site?

  10. Francis W. Porretto Says:

    No, to a true Southerner, “y’all” is singular. It should be “all y’all.”

  11. Tam Says:

    Well, Francis, you just go tall all those people in Knoxville and Atlanta they’re doin’ it wrong. I’m sure they’d appreciate lessons in Southernness from you, what with your masterful grasp of vernacular.

  12. Tam Says:

    (For those who don’t know him, Fran’s the guy who announces “The Administration has definitely crossed the Rubicon now!” fortnightly. He’s got more lines in the sand than the Saudi telephone company.)

  13. mariner Says:

    To The_Jack and jason,

    I guess I’m missing something.

    Why don’t y’all explain it to me?

  14. Geodkyt Says:

    Y’all is plural, for anything from two to several.

    All y’all is a whole bunch of folks.

    There’s no firm dividing line, but I’d say, if it’s folks you know, and you can rattle off all their names without pausing, it’s “y’all”. If you’d have to think about it, it’s ” all y’all”.


  15. LabRat Says:

    I…. what?

    “Y’all” is not *singular*. It’s the second person plural that English so badly needs. The contraction of “you all”. “Y’all” is not singular in the same way that “all these assholes” isn’t.

    “All y’all” is a judgment call by the speaker, defined by the point at which you encompass the subjects of your address with a sweeping wave of the hand.

  16. Gunnutmegger Says:

    A rule to handle exceptions doesn’t always work for the non-exceptions.

  17. JTC Says:

    “Ya’ll” addressing the singular is most often heard on the teevee, and most often accompanied by a “gone with the wind” type of affected accent. In real life, at least as close to real as mine has been, born and surrounded by Middle Tennesseans and lifelong in what remains of redneck Flarduh, one will never hear it used in the singular.

    “All ya’ll” addresses at least three, and more commonly a larger group. Whereas ya’ll effectively covers them as well, it is useful when emphasizing that there are no exceptions within the group to what is being said, heavy on the all as in “ALL ya’ll can just kiss my ass!”.

  18. Ron W Says:

    LabRat #15 and JTC#17, Correct! And that’s from one born and raised in Middle Tennessee and living here for the last 64 years.

  19. JTC Says:

    Dang, I didn’t mention what is the biggest and most important influence on me of Southernspeak…my sweet Georgia (JORjuh, never Jawjuh, that’s another GWTWism and occasional black inflection) girl who married me and raised me since we were both 17. Born in Valdosta but raised mostly by her truck-farmer grandparents in Moultrie (MOLEtree) and Albany (ALLbenny), she raised our kids on stories of sliding down metal barn roofs and helping “pull” tobacco at harvest time.

    My speech might have been affected a little by a few years in the Palm Beach jewelry trade around N’Yoowuk jews, and thirty-plus doing business with flat-accented Midwestern snowbirds in our small central/southern fla town (they’ve already started this year’s migration, the recent cold snap there will no doubt speed that up), but my girl is still her sweet Southern self through and through, and I love her all the more for it.

  20. jason Says:

    mariner, jtc or pawnbroker, was stalking Tam, causing a temporary shut down of her blog and the permanent shut down of comments.

  21. JK Brown Says:

    Example –

    “Ya’ll having sex in the back of the pickup” is what you say to a couple.

    “All ya’ll having sex in the barn” is what you say to an orgy.

  22. comatus Says:

    This is not that complicated, People. It’s straight out of Attic Greek, which has a separate Number for small groups, y’all. Those of you who do not have a Greek in the Attic are excused. JKB, points for applicability. “The Greeks had a word for it.” Yeah, baby.

    Sure, you may say, nobody reads Attic Greek “no more.” But someone in the Ladies’ Overnight Sewing Circle of Gonzalez parsed “Come and Take It.” Like to’ve met her.

  23. mikee Says:

    My momma was from Pittsburgh and my daddy was from Charlotte, so I had two ways to pronounce “pecan” and both were right, but dammit, even my mother knew that hollerin’ “Y’all come in here” to get us six kids inside for dinner was the same as yellin’ “Youn’se guys, dinner’s ready! Come eat!”

    I live in Texas now. Tommorrow’s lesson in language will explain how “Come and Get It” started as a joke, and led to a serious misunderstanding when translated to Spanish.

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