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The “Gadget”

Expect an announcement Friday.

4 Responses to “The “Gadget””

  1. tincankilla Says:


    “The safety device provides an added measure of safety to striker fired semi-automatic pistols. The safety device includes a contact member in the form of a sliding bar or pivoting lever, that is movable between an engaged position and a disengaged position, such that the contact member operatively blocks the movement of one of the fire control mechanism components to prevent discharge of the weapon but only when the contact member is manually held in an engaged position. The user manipulates and physically holds the contact member in its engaged position by pressing a thumb plate or button located at the rear of the slide. Safety devices of this invention only affect the fire control mechanism of the pistol while the user actively engages, that is physically presses, on the thumb plate or button of the safety device to move the contact member into its engagement position, and must physically maintain pressure on the thumb plate in order to hold the contact member in its engaged position to block the movement of the fire control components.”

  2. Lyle Says:

    Oh, so it’s not a plutonium implosion bomb. Different Gadget. Good to know.

  3. Deaf Smith Says:

    Personally all they need, IF one needs a safety on a Glock, is a slide mounted flip safety like a Beretta or S&W 5906.

    In fact, the best one made is on the Makarov. It works in reverse and one pushes DOWN to fire, up for safe.

  4. HSR47 Says:

    Is Glock. Is perfect.

    Leave pistol be. Keep stupid crapitalist/communist “safeties” off pistol.

    Seriously though, the absolute LAST thing we need is more pistols with slide-mounted safeties: they’re ergonomically horrible, and cause further problems in terms of slide manipulation.

    Worried about an unintential discharge? Keep that bitch in a holster, and don’t fucking touch it.