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Today, in gun nanny news

Some group of bed-wetters in Arlington is trying to keep a gun shop from opening.

And a car dealer is victim to more bed-wetters because he’s giving away guns to people who buy cars.

4 Responses to “Today, in gun nanny news”

  1. Lyle Says:

    It would be far worse, speaking purely of statistics, if a gun dealer gave away cars with the purchase of guns. But mainly we must avoid talk of morals and principles, because that would result in defeat for the Progressives.

  2. SDN Says:

    If I were the NRA I would make sure a couple hundred members showed up as a counter picket.

  3. IanK Says:

    I should drop by opening day, would be a good reason to go for a walk.

  4. John Richardson Says:

    Joan Peterson -“This has nothing to do with being anti-gun or Second Amendment.”

    To paraphrase Dan Ackroyd, Joan, you lying sl*t.

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