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“grass roots”

So, Moms Demand Action decided to protest the NRA convention. They claimed they’d have 400 people, compared to NRA’s just south of 80K. Well, they didn’t get much action:

The police officers, on the other hand, were trying to make sure they stayed away from the camera while keeping an eye out for the group. We overheard one officer telling the other he didnít want to be in any camera shots since he didnít want to really been seen with their cause. Instead, they started talking about gun shows on tv.

And had to use some trick photography for their photo op to make it look like people actually showed up.

The press didn’t even notice.

2 Responses to ““grass roots””

  1. Justaguy Says:

    I am going to start a counter-group … call it Dads demand action on that sandwich making.

    Dads Demand A Mom Make Me A Sandwitch

    Or …. DDAMMAS

    But seriously, if them dumb bitches would be a little nicer, maybe not so screechy they might just be able to get them some “action” its not like ALL of them have given into gravity just yet.

  2. fuzzyKBP Says:

    not noticing is a feature, not a bug. it’s step one to clear the way for the next Bloomberg affiliated group to claim mom’s have never been involved before.

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