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Guns and racism

Carrying a gun makes you racist.

Gun owners are all racist. Because Obama.

Georgia’s SCLC president has been suspended after urging black families to take advantage of their 2nd Amendment rights.

6 Responses to “Guns and racism”

  1. SPM Says:

    God help Me but I read that salon piece (of***) A 22 that kicked so hard it was pointing straight up? I’m 5’2″ 100lbs and I have shot 357s that did not do that with Me. Matt Lallo, must be a pansy.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Everything I’ve ever seen on salon has the mental and emotional development you would expect of a fifth grader at best, fancied up with the grammar and vocabulary of a high schooler.

  3. Ron W Says:

    Ironic indeed that the SCLC canned the guy for pro-2nd Amendment statement. I noticed a pic of MLK on their literature his associates carried weapons. They were called Deacons for Defense or something like that. Historically the 1857 SCOTUS Dred Scott decision kept black people as legal slaves lest if they were declared persons, “they would be able to carry arms everywhere they went”. So called black civil rights leaders have been so indoctrinated by leftist authoritarians, they’ ve actually adopted the chief aspects of slavery.

  4. Justaguy Says:

    Conservatives need to, MUST in fact, rally around the SCLC pres.

    While its obvious that he was hinting at arming themselves AGAINST the cops, he did not outright say “go shoot a cop”

    His point is in fact OUR POINT… guns are not only for hunting, self protection. or collecting. Guns are the last measure against tyranny. I support every black, brown, yellow, and pink citizen to exercise their rights…. and yes I do also support shooting the first jackboot that comes in your house on a “no-knock warrant”.

    As a note, I also suggest folks put up a sign on their door like i have on mine:

    “Warning – We are a peaceful law abiding household. However, anyone who enters this home without identifying themselves in a manner that meets the scrutiny of the constitution will be formally and finally introduced to my right to protect my family and myself.


  5. Ron W Says:

    Good point, Justaguy. But I suspect that most of these so-called civil rights leaders would utter not a peep if federal cops are inflicting the tyranny.

  6. Aaron Says:

    Justaguy: How about motion sensor activated lights and sprinkler systems? Anyone comes-a-callin’ will first be introduced to the common cold, and definitely won’t be surprising you.

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