Good for Obama

Obama steps up drug related commutations. This, I like.

3 Responses to “Good for Obama”

  1. Patrick says:

    I have a hard time accepting the idea of placing people in cages for non-violent personal offenses. Cages are for dangerous creatures.

    Put a non-violent person in a cage with animals, and don’t act surprised if they come out with fangs, claws and an appetite for more.

  2. nk says:

    Yes, and all Al Capone did was engage in the non-violent offense of selling beer. Drive-by shootings in the inner city are not by bored gun owners looking for a new sport; they’re by drug gangs fighting turf wars.

  3. JTC says:

    “Good for Obama”

    I’ll take any reduction of incarcerations for dope, but since 70% of those jailed for it are “minorities”?

    RACIST! 😉