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Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny was delicious withe some wine, parsnips, potatoes and carrots.


10 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Seems more apopro

  2. Ron W Says:

    …hit the send to quick…I was just wondering why ham is always the serving suggestion…rabbit iseems more fitting.

  3. uscitizen Says:

    Seems like it may need a tad o’ bacon.

    Best Easter Wishes to you and yours.

  4. Heath J Says:

    Literal Easter bunny FTW.

  5. nk Says:

    Was it a rabbit that said “meow” or a rabbit that said “arf-arf”?

  6. bob smithey Says:

    Remember, rabbits have off set kidneys and cats have symmetrical ones.

  7. JTC Says:

    Hoppinpfeffer tartare?

  8. SPM Says:

    I like “jugend hair” soak overnight in red wine and onions separate and discard wine and onions. lightly bread and brown. cover in chicken both and bake at 350 tell falling off the bones.

  9. Gerry Says:

    Eater bunny!

  10. Jim Says:

    Looks like ya ate the ears first?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX