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Gun bills advance in Tennessee

Removing prohibitions in parks. And the narrative of the local press is that there is an onslaught of gun bills, so it’s gun week. But, you know, the year of guns was a few years back.

5 Responses to “Gun bills advance in Tennessee”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Passed to the next committee in the house, passed to the floor in the Senate

  2. Mike V. Says:

    Call me skeptical, but as long as Beth Harwell is House Speaker, I’ll be very surprised if it ever gets to a floor vote.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    It’ll get a fiscal note and die in Finance.

  4. Mike V. Says:

    It did get a fiscal note for “changing signage at State Parks.” However, carry in State Parks has been since 2009. Why change them now?

  5. Patrick Says:

    And the Gov has said he opposed Con Carry and Parks Carry. Did he threaten a veto?

    RINOs be everywhere…