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Hey, it’s this again

First it was that gun ownership was on the decline. But those darn record gun sales kind of ruined that. So, now, the narrative is that there are more guns but fewer people have them.

20 Responses to “Hey, it’s this again”

  1. Ron W Says:

    So don’t get one or multiple ones yourself…you know, subject

  2. rickn8or Says:

    More people answering the question “Do you have guns in your house” with “None of your business.”

  3. Ron W Says:

    I think some doctors are starting to ask that which is then to be entered in a federal database…totally criminal and tyrannical. I also read and hear that clergy are being recruited by DHS to tell their people to comply with government authorities to give up guns. Many are already doing gun buybacks for government. They are sellout their people to give up Liberty violating the Scripture just as politicians violate Constitution.

    Stand fast therefore in the Liberty with which Christ has made us free and do not become entangled again in the yoke of bondage. –Galatianos 5:1

  4. Stretch Says:

    “Most likely, they’re being added to the stockpiles of people who already own guns. If gun sales are up and household-level ownership rates are down, that’s the only real logical conclusion.”

    Or people interviewed aren’t answering or out right lying to “Do you have a gun in the house.”

    So much for “only real logical conclusion.”

  5. Linoge Says:

    An impromptu and wholly unscientific poll I took on my site once upon a time indicated that 90% of my readers who voted in it – about 150 people, as I recall – would lie to a pollster calling about their firearms.

    Even if the real number is half that, the article is still wrong.

  6. mariner Says:

    Only 90%, Linoge?

    You should hang your head in shame. 😉

  7. Roger Says:

    I’m doing my best to help increase that number. Some donations or a winning lottery ticket would help.

  8. Weer'd Beard Says:

    If less people have more guns, then all those people getting their first carry permit everywhere sure are acting foolish.

  9. alanstorm Says:

    Yeah, the record number of CC applications kinda kills their narrative.

  10. Kevin Baker Says:

    They never ever give up. I fisked this crap in 2013 and here they are recycling it again!

  11. MJM Says:

    Great example of statistical invalidity: the measure used (the question, “Say, do you have any guns?”) does not actually measure the behavior supposedly being measured. Since more of us than ever before do not trust “social science” anything and nosy people asking questions.

  12. Oleg Volk Says:

    His facts aren’t all correct. PMR30 is not a blowback pistol. It is a delayed blowback pistol with all but the weakest 22WMR ammunition. It is still able to fire and cycle underpowered rounds, but for anything loaded to full 22WMR specifications, the unlocking is actually delayed until the pressure drops to safe levels.

  13. Crawler Says:

    Quote: “But data released this week from the General Social Survey, widely regarded as the gold standard for social science survey research…”

    Widely regarded?

    The GSS probably is considered the leftist “gold standard” by the White House, the DNC, the WaPo and the University of Chicago where it’s headquartered.

    But everywhere else, not so much.

    The WaPo cub reporter that wrote that trash needs to go back into the classified ads sales department where he came from.

  14. Oleg Volk Says:

    So if “few” people have guns, they would be a minority? I thought leftists prided themselves on protecting the rights of the minorities…

  15. Bill Twist Says:

    The GSS is *NOT* the gold standard when it comes to this particular subject. They ask if there is a “gun or revolver” in the home. To me, that could be taken to imply they are talking about handguns: Why would you specifically single out revolvers if you weren’t? That’s like asking if you have a motor vehicle or convertible. Would you think to include an ATV in that category, or a motorcycle? Maybe you wouldn’t, but I’m sure some people get confused by the question.

    The Gallup poll on the other hand just straightforwardly asks if you have a gun at home without any qualifications as to type or location. It was above 50% consistently prior to the gun control measures passed in the early 1990’s then dropped like a rock and has since bounced up and down around the 40% level.

    Now, I was buying guns back around that time, and I certainly didn’t see a glut of used guns on the market that would have been caused by people selling the literally tens of millions of guns if the percentage of households owning guns actually dropped by around 10% or more.

    The only conclusion I can draw from that is that with the firearms based law enforcement incidents (Ruby Ridge, Waco, the sensationalization of mass shootings, school and non-school), along with passage of the Brady Law and Assault Weapons Ban, people became much more wary of admitting to strangers that they own a firearm.

  16. Ron W Says:


    Maybe if the gun owner minority started to get their guns illegally, then like those who come to the U.S. or rather are allowed to come, that way, the Obama Administration would, as they are doing with the latter, prefer, appease and accommodate us.

  17. lucusloc Says:

    I find it funny that comments that link to articles supporting growing gun culture are being removed (mine was, as well as two others I saw). You can voice your opinion, but you cannot supply supporting evidence. . .

  18. Ron W Says:

    I call it the 3 D’s which the ruling elites prefer for us: dumbdowned, disabled and disarmed.

  19. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    If I was OCing and some surveyor asked me if I owned a gun, I’d still lie to him. Similarly, for whatever reason, the census bureau put me on the long form list, and they haven’t learned their lesson yet. In 2010 I put “3” for the number of people in the house, answered no other questions, and mailed it in. The guy came to my door twice trying to get the rest of it, only to suffer my verbal abuse.

    There is “enemy” and there is “not enemy”. The .gov has a long way to go to get back to “not enemy” for me. I trust my town, though I disagree strongly with many of its policies, the county is good, the state is one of the best, but the fed seems to have declared war on me. I don’t dig that.

  20. Robert What? Says:

    Answering the question “do you have a gun in your house?” is never wise to answer either in the affirmative or the negative.

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