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And most things by Taurus

5 Guns I Wish Didnít Suck

And, I’m serious. Taurus has some good concepts on occasion. It’s a shame their QC is poo.

6 Responses to “And most things by Taurus”

  1. P.M. Says:

    That’s a smart list. Well above the usual standards for “5 Things” listicles.

    I will say that Ruger has somewhat gotten its sh-t together with the Mini-14 since the AWB sunset. They have “Tactical” and “NRA” models with optics mounts, thicker barrels, etc. (Still cheaper than most ARs, but price gap has narrowed.)

    Ruger factory high-caps are available now too.

    Still, good list.

  2. P.M. Says:

    Mini-14s don’t go for “nearly a grand.” $700 to $750 is typical for the good models.

    I’d still take an S&W M&P15 Sport for $700 all day, but dude is a bit hard on the Mini.

  3. Roger Says:

    Interesting that the Springfield EMP is not reliable.
    I recently purchased a Springfield Range Officer Compact 9mm. Officers size aluminum frame & Commander 4″ barrel.
    Stone cold reliable so far after about 500 rds of assorted full power factory self defense ammo, lighter lead reloads & much hotter JHP reloads. Trigger needed work to get it below 5 lbs, accuracy is as good as I can hold. The RA compact is not much larger than the EMP, but it flat out works.

  4. SPQR Says:

    After a few bought by friends, I’d add Kimber to the list personally.

    Strangely I had a lot of good luck with Taurus in the ’90’s but for the last decade they do suck.

  5. Crawler Says:

    Definitely agree with passing on the PMR-30 for a revolver.

    I’d opt for finding a S&W 648 .22WMR stainless revolver (made from 1996-2005). The 648 only holds six rounds but it is DA/SA; and at 45 oz. what little recoil it has is very tame.

    Certainly nothing wrong with the Single-Nine Ruger he recommended if S/A only is okay with the shooter, though.

  6. Oleg Volk Says:

    His facts arenít all correct. PMR30 is not a blowback pistol. It is a delayed blowback pistol with all but the weakest 22WMR ammunition. It is still able to fire and cycle underpowered rounds, but for anything loaded to full 22WMR specifications, the unlocking is actually delayed until the pressure drops to safe levels.

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