Obviously compensating for the size of her penis


A Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office news release states one person knocked on all the doors and forced their way inside the home when there was no response. The girl locked herself inside a bathroom closet with a shotgun.

The suspect eventually opened the bathroom door and closet where the child was hiding with the weapon. The girl aimed the shotgun at the suspect, who then fled from the home.

Police said the girl was not harmed during the encounter.

Good. And she was smart not to take Joe Biden’s advice of blasting a couple of rounds out the front door.

7 Responses to “Obviously compensating for the size of her penis”

  1. SPQR says:

    I’m guessing the suspect was easy to identify from his need for a change of pants.

  2. Ron W says:

    The leftists and progressives should approve since a woman was able to choose the means to protect her own body against a robber, a rapist or a murderer. A battle was won in the “war on women”.

  3. Jim says:

    Not mentioned here, the girl was 11 years old, and alone in the house. Showed good sense beyond her years. The perps were a man in his 50’s and a woman in her 40’s.

  4. Garibaldi says:

    The way things are going nowadays, I won’t be surprised if the parents are brought up on child neglect charges for leaving the 11 year old home alone and letting her have access to a firearm.

    A couple of months ago a woman almost called the police on someone I know, because he left his 12 year old son alone in his car while he went into a store. When I was 12 I was riding my bicycle around the neighborhood both by myself and with friends, with no adult present.

    What has this country come to? I can’t figure it out…

  5. SDN says:

    Meanwhile, we have so-called pro-gun bloggers like Bob Owens over at BearingArms.com essentially making the case that her being home alone with access to a firearm justifies a visit from CPS to jail the parents.

  6. Ron W says:

    SDN, that’s unbelievable from a so-called pro-gunner! He should know that our freedoms can’t be compartmentaliized and that ALL of the Bill of Rights must be enforced against governments.

  7. tkdkerry says:

    SDN, I note that Bob Owens’ commenters pretty much took him to the woodshed. Good for them.