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Pistol Grip Pump

Should never be used, much less two:

11 Responses to “Pistol Grip Pump”

  1. poobie Says:

    to quote my dad, what a maroon.

  2. Garibaldi Says:

    What I really like is his apparent attitude of “oh well we all make our little mistakes” and then he just goes right on shooting… 🙂

  3. formerflyer Says:

    Too bad he didn’t manage to qualify for a Darwin Award.

  4. Garibaldi Says:

    Oh come now flyer isn’t that just a little extreme? I was expecting something like this:

    (warning, graphic language, and for good reason!) 🙂

    (side note: at least the guy in the video I posted later owned up to the mistakes he made. You can find that in the videos he posted later. I wonder if the guy with the 2 shotguns would ever do the same? He just might in line for Darwin if he doesn’t…)

  5. Will Says:

    I really expected a bunch of beer cans lying around or a disclaimer involving Croatian firearms engineers.

  6. JTC Says:

    This moron is lucky to be in one piece, as is the moron with the camera after that little underarm tuck, though both are apparently too moronic to know it.

    Don’t know how that translates to an indictment of the shorty shotty, any more than a couple morons being morons with a couple of AR pistols would.

    Limited applications for both, such as the pistolgrip Mossie that fits perfectly under my store counter and is ideal for my purposes…not sure what the AP-15 is good for, but I’m sure it suits somebody for something.

    There are some odd firearm configurations out there, but there are really no stupid guns, just lots of stupid people.

  7. The Duck Says:

    That was the most amazing stupid thing I’ve seen today!

  8. greg Says:

    …in my lap at all times!

  9. Sigivald Says:

    He’s lucky his new name ain’t “stumpy”.

    (Like JTC, I think there might be a use for a short-ish pistol grip pump … but that ain’t it. And a folding stock is even better an idea.)

  10. Kristophr Says:


    Here is a better version:

  11. Garibaldi Says:

    Kristophr thank you thank you, for the best laugh I had all week! 🙂

    I kind of feel sorry for the poor guy though. He really did own up to his mistake and learn from it. So I go back and forth on this… Should we really laugh at him? On the other hand, stupid is as stupid does…

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