WECSOG: Clean your Gem-Tech Outback II

Yeah, yeah. I now know I should have bought one I could take apart.

I have one and I hadn’t cleaned it since I bought it. The manual I have says to blow it out with an air compressor or send it back to Gem-Tech when it needs cleaned really bad. I’ve done the air compressor thing and it seems to do exactly nothing. They also say to soak it in WD40 or mineral spirits. So, here’s how I cleaned it.

Assemble the material. Mineral spirits, two rubber bands, plastic wrap and a massager. Or, you know, if your wife has something more appropriately shaped and she’ll let you put pictures on the internet, use that.


Cover the hole in the bottom with plastic wrap and use a rubber band to secure the wrap and fill about 3/4 with mineral spirits:


Use the rubber band and plastic wrap to secure the other hand. And, at this point, I shook the hell out of it:


Give it a cursory “massage”:


Then attach the massager to the suppressor and let it run for however long you feel like. You can see now why the one the woman in your life may favor would be easier. For this one, I set them both in a cleaning rag and let them go:


Then drain the suppressor. I drained it shooty end down first, then attachment end. And I tapped a few times on the side of the bucket:


Look at all the crap that came out of it, including 3 big chunks of what I assume is carbon.

After, I blew it out with an air compressor and set it base down to dry.

13 Responses to “WECSOG: Clean your Gem-Tech Outback II”

  1. JP in MT says:

    I can’t help but think that a sonic cleaner for brass and jewelry would do the same deep cleaning. That is if you have one or are looking for another reason to get one.

  2. Alien says:

    So, what magic tricks does Gem-Tech have to clean them when you send it back?

    As a side note, I wonder when Brownells will start selling, uh, ahem, “properly shaped suppressor cleaning ascessories”…..

  3. Joe Allen says:

    I’m with JP: my ultrasonic cleaner does wonders on revolver cylinders and forcing cones.

  4. SayUncle says:

    Never snagged an ultrasonic. I’ve heard mixed reviews on their effectiveness with suppressors.

  5. SayUncle says:

    So, what magic tricks does Gem-Tech have to clean them when you send it back?

    They burn off the loctite, open it up and replace teh baffles.

  6. HSR47 says:

    Another issue with ultrasonic cleaners is that they don’t always play nice with aluminum.

  7. I’ve heard of folks using a tennis ball canister for soaking their suppressor tubes.

  8. James Pierce says:

    My Silencerjuice will clean a Suppressor as you shoot, or you can add 1 TBS of Silencerjuice and 2 TBS of water and follow the above instructions.

  9. emdfl says:

    And of course this wouldn’t be a problem if the end caps came off…

  10. Firehand says:

    Didn’t you once have a piece on using a aquarium bubbler and solvent to clean a can? How’d that work out?

  11. SayUncle says:

    Yes. But I never did try it. May have to.

  12. Firehand says:

    After reading that I set up a piece of PVC pipe with a cap on one end for cleaning some parts: put in degreaser or mineral spirits- enough to submerge the part- with the bubbler below, then run it for a while. Did a good job.

  13. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Kroil works pretty well for this.