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Congrats to Tam

Dead tree, baby! Dead tree.

6 Responses to “Congrats to Tam”

  1. dan Says:


  2. SPQR Says:

    Crap, now I gotta subscribe to another magazine….


  3. EricF in Tucson Says:

    The local Sportsman’s Warehouse had one of those 69s in stock. Good feel to it in the hand, tight lock-up, good SA break. Very tempted.

  4. mikee Says:

    Wheelguns? Not made by Colt or S&W?

    Tam is a gun hipster. She liked all that before it was cool. Or cool again. Or maybe she made it cool. Again.

  5. P.M. Says:

    Now I will have to go buy a print gun mag off the bookstore rack.

    First time in a long spell (unless Handloader counts).

  6. Mike V. Says:

    Bet that .44 on the cover can be a handful to shoot. Congrats to Tam!