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Another frivolous suit

Via Sebastian, the Brady Campaign To Get Mentioned In Media are suing BulkAmmo because, err, reasons. The case makes no sense and, since the Brady Campaign To Grab Headlines lost their Armslist suit because it was the dumbest thing anyone had ever seen, I’d go with counter-suing them.

2 Responses to “Another frivolous suit”

  1. treefroggy Says:

    Counter suit . It’s the only thing that will stop this BS. P.S.; sue the lawyers themselves . I’m sure there’s some shark who has a taste for their own .

  2. Someone You Know Says:

    Dear Uncle:

    7 News Denver must be anti-freedom (pro gun-control) because they have a link to …

    But, no links to: –

    BTP Arms – – –

    Sincerely, SYK

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