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Six Flags Kicks Out Veteran

For wearing a shirt with guns on it. Be careful when you’re not in America.

5 Responses to “Six Flags Kicks Out Veteran”

  1. Windy Wilson Says:

    If you think this is wrong, go to your nearest Six Flags amusement park and seek entry with a shirt with guns on it. When they refuse entry to 100 potential patrons at each park they will begin to have rational thoughts about the difference between a picture of a gun and a gun.
    I’ll bet real money they don’t refuse entry to young men 13 to 25 bearing certain unfashionable tattoos.

  2. JKB Says:

    Six Flags over New Jersey. If they did that at Six Flags over Georgia, they’d have almost no one in the park.

  3. phenicks Says:

    Windy, they’ll wait until your in the park before they hassle you. They already have your money by then.

  4. Lyle Says:

    I never go to Six Flags. Now I’m going to never go there even harder!

  5. mariner Says:

    When I was a kid one of the Six Flags was the U.S. flag.

    Maybe not anymore.

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