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Kel-Tec and Pro-Mag getting sued

The gun writer:

The properly installed forward grip slid off the gun rail while the user was ksgpumping the gun, resulting in the user shooting off part of his hand,

Does Kel-Tec or Pro-Mag recommend the use of their products in this manner?

2 Responses to “Kel-Tec and Pro-Mag getting sued”

  1. Sigivald Says:

    Kel-Tec seems to sell a low-angle foregrip for it themselves, so they certainly have no problem with foregrips on the KSG per se.

    The online version of the KSG manual makes no mention of foregrips or accessories at all, that I can see.

    I’ve seen more reports of KSG fore-ends breaking under strain than of things sliding off; in this case I’d be more likely to blame the Pro-Mag part or not-actually-proper installation, if only on the grounds that the KSG fores are all molded, and unlikely to magically be 1/100″ too narrow or the like, as I understand it.

    (I suspect Kel-Tec’s reply might include “why are you using the gun so recklessly that you’re firing the moment it’s in battery and can’t even tell the foregrip broke off?”

    You have to be firing fast for that to happen, no?)

  2. Sigivald Says:

    (Er, above, read “slid” for “broke”, though the same argument would apply in the breakage case.

    Except that in the case of breakage it would at least clearly be a product defect – and they’d probably just settle.

    This case? Not clearly their fault.)

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