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Beretta avoided WV because of Joe Manchin

Seen on the facebook:


19 Responses to “Beretta avoided WV because of Joe Manchin”

  1. J T Bolt Says:

    I don”t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

  2. Stretch Says:

    And stayed out of VA ’cause of McAuliffe.
    Elections have consequences.

  3. bluesun Says:

    [obligatory]Hey me, too!{/obligatory]

    Oh yeah, that’s right, I live in Colorado…

  4. Bram Says:

    Ha ha!

  5. Sid Says:


  6. Ken in NH Says:

    LOL, stupid gun manufacturers. Don’t they have the NRA to say these things for them? Why else would they fund a front organization like that? [/Anti2A]

  7. Joe Richards Says:

    LOL, stupid Ken in NH. The NRA doesn’t represent gun manufacturers. It represents gun owning members who worry about losing our 2nd amendment rights because of morons like you. Please be sure to post a “no guns here” sign outside of your rock, then crawl back underneath.

  8. SD3 Says:

    Ya’ don’t stay in business for 500+ years by being stupid…

  9. Toastrider Says:

    Joe Richards:
    Missed the /sarc (well, the /anti2A) tag on Ken’s post, did you?

    Well, no worries, you’ll recover.

  10. Ken in NH Says:

    Nice, I’m half way to passing the ideological Turing test. I’ll bet if I posted that on Joan Peterson’s blog I could pass it completely.

  11. Daniel in Brookline Says:


    People of West Virginia: your Senator has cost you jobs. Lots and lots of jobs. Don’t forget to vote in November.

  12. Geoff Says:

    Beretta give both Maryland AND West Virginia the finger. Gotta love it. Tennessee gains tax revenue and Maryland loses jobs and money. Betcha Beretta moves HQ after all the Military contracts are fulfilled.

  13. FormerFlyer Says:


    There will never be a time when all the military contracts are fulfilled. Just saying. . .

  14. Geoff Says:

    True, but Beretta said when they fill the current contract for 9mm pistols, that shuts down the last of the gun making in Maryland. They will transition to any new contracts being made in Tennessee.

  15. Hank Says:

    Beretta give both Maryland AND West Virginia the finger.

    Maybe it will be a campaign issue in Maryland:

    (But it’s probably too late for that place)

  16. Old NFO Says:

    Speaking truth to power right there… Of course THEY have the power of the purse too! And they Tenn!!!

  17. Sgt. Moose Airborne Says:

    There is always a consequence for your actions. Conservatives have figured this out many moons ago but libtards are always way to busy flapping their gums to be able to hear anything at all.

  18. RE Hafner Says:

    I knew I purchased a Beretta 390 many years ago for a reason, a very good product manufactured by a company with intelligent leadership

  19. Dan in PA Says:

    Hey Ken! After you pass that test, will you be qualified to work at Starbucks?

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