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Targeting Target

So, the OC Texas group is now strapping on their ARs and AKs and going to Target. This could be a case of Bloomberg’s group going through old archive photos from OCT. But this should stop.

Bloomberg thanks them.

7 Responses to “Targeting Target”

  1. JTC Says:

    Looks like the Law of Zumbo is kicking in again:

  2. JTC Says:

    Because of this?

    “Open Carry Texas, one of the groups behind the recent demonstrations, had said if the NRA didn’t retract the statement, Open Carry would withdraw its full support for the NRA.”

    Please do withdraw, from the NRA and from “our” side.

    And after this wuss-out by NRA, I might withdraw my support of them too…

  3. Uncle Tom Says:

    And that Rosa Parks lady never shoulda got on that there bus.

  4. pdb Says:

    And that Rosa Parks lady never shoulda got on that there bus.

    That is a stupid comparison. Rosa Parks deliberately broke a law that she believed was wrong and dared the system to make her pay the consequences.

    OCT is obeying the law in an obnoxious way and daring people to pay attention to them.

    If OCT were out open carrying pistols in violation of the law, fully ready to be test cases, they might then could compare themselves to Parks.

    Until then, stop that.

  5. mariner Says:


    So you cheer Rosa Parks for DISOBEYING a law and jeer OCT for OBEYING a law?

  6. JTC Says:

    I didn’t see any cheering or jeering in pdb’s comment; he was just pointing out that the comparison is non-sequitur, as I did about another commenter’s comparisons to flaming gay activism.

    One difference worth noting however, if you want to cheer Parks, she confined her civil disobedience of gov rules to the gov venue where the rules applied. The Chipotle dipshits that are, like it or not, the public face of OCT, were disrupting the business of private enterprise. They are deserving of all the jeers they get.

  7. pdb Says:

    As shocking as it may sound to you, different situations call for different tactics, which will have different wider effects.

    In the Texas case, getting pistol OC legal will likely involve the legislature and not the courts, which will depend on a PR effort that doesn’t alarm the public or the legislators who represent them.

    In California, getting some form of carry was a nonstarter in the legislature so a court case was required.