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One gun a month

Well, why not one a decade?

5 Responses to “One gun a month”

  1. dustydog Says:

    I think 1 gun a month after the first 500 guns is a reasonable compromise.

  2. mikee Says:

    As long as the first 500 are purchased with government vouchers available free for the asking, I might support a trial run of this program – with the understanding that anyone could opt out at any point and it would be voluntary, not mandatory.

  3. Critter Says:

    i don’t know how i’m going to afford it, but i suppose i could go buy one gun every month….

  4. JimB Says:

    If I could I’d buy one gun a month but the “gun of the month club” is just too expensive….

  5. Geodkyt Says:

    All jokes aside — that’s what we called the law when it was passed in virginia – The Gun of the Month Club.

    I had one customer who came in on teh first of teh month, every month, for a year and a half, to buy a different handgun. As he said, “I wouldn’t want to disappoint the governor and not comply.”

    He gave up when he was down to the Phoenix and Jennings .25’s. . .