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In fast and furious news

Judge is leaning toward White House privilege claim in ‘Fast and Furious’. Yes, she’s leaning toward keeping secret documents that may explain exactly what the hell they were thinking.

8 Responses to “In fast and furious news”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    Appointed by… Barack Obama

  2. mikee Says:

    It isn’t a scandal if the Dems do it.

    Just remember that, and it all makes more sense.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    After almost two years I guess she’s kinda sorta probably leaning toward releasing a judgment in a timeframe making it about impossible to appeal it before Obama goes out of office.

    I predict great things for her career if another (D) gets into office and another higher judge opts into the totally cushy retirement deal those bastards have given themselves.

    “Senior status” seems to mean you get your full pay for mostly vacating your bench. So perhaps you can take most of the year for retirement and come back to take on that stinker of a court case that no sitting judge wants to touch because it might negativity affect their chance of an appointment to a higher court.

  4. Ray Brill Says:

    You don’t say!

  5. Old NFO Says:

    Why am I ‘not’ surprised… sigh

  6. MJM Says:

    The most open administration in history is Nixonian. Except Nixon didn’t tack on the clever device of blaming convenient opponent groups: American gun owners for Mexico’s crime; a Christian videographer for Benghazi. Business owners for stagnant entry-level job pay. We should make a list. But, then again, if you play golf all the time, I guess it’s really not your fault. You are responsible for nothing, because you do nothing. “Others” are then responsible for your scandals. But, you are outraged by them and promise to get to the bottom of them.
    He knows exactly what he is doing.

  7. Windy Wilson Says:

    MJM, President Obama’s speeches when scandals break have five sections.
    1. I am outraged
    2. This started before I came on board.
    3. There is nothing systemic about the problem.
    4. I will get to the bottom of this problem and am appointing a commission to study and make changes.
    5. This should not become a partisan item, but if the Republicans had not blocked my proposals this would not have happened.

    He is truly the great communicator and the Teflon President.

  8. Michael Says:

    I can barely wait for the FF7. It is our favorite car movie and we have watched all parts several times by now :))

    I’m so sad that Paul Walker will not take part in this movie, actually the movie is not going to be the same without him! Miss him so much….

    On the other hand, to cheer up you guys, here is an article I found before landing here:

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