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They don’t believe in gun control for them


Dave Workman points out that the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership held a forum, posted a no guns sign, and had themselves an armed security guard on site. The hypocrisy merely amuses me now. Proof that they know guns are a good thing. When they want them.

8 Responses to “They don’t believe in gun control for them”

  1. JKB Says:

    Hey, that guy’s got the patch. Patches confer professionalism and amazing gun skills.

    We could start a co-op of sort. I’ll hire you for my security, you hire me, then we can both carry because we’d be professionals.

  2. Professor X Says:

    Please remember that armed security guards are highly trained professionals, so it’s OK for them to have guns.

    On a related note, I once saw a security guard in a Federal building in DC looking down the barrel of his revolver with a puzzled expression on his face. And that was in the lobby of the building.

  3. KM Says:

    Much like politicians, the Brady’s don’t dislike guns.
    They just dislike YOU owning guns.

    Now shut up and get in the boxcar!

  4. CaptDMO Says:

    Who is the owner of the property that agreed to this
    arrangement? By the way, aren’t those letters on the sign too small to meet the “posting” criteria?

  5. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Lettering requirements vary by state. In IN you have to look pretty hard to find some of the “prominently displayed” signs, but that’s ok because with few exceptions we can just ignore them anyway with CC (and sometimes even OC!) and the worst they can do is ask you to spend your money with a competitor.

  6. Ron W Says:

    They used to tell us, and Bill Clintn was especially good at it, “it’s for the children”, but they KEEP the children in “gun-free” zones as unarmed, easy prey for mass murderers while the ruling elite class (and their children) are always protected by guns.

    And those we’ve been obliged to trust with power who seek to restrict and deny us our RIGHT of armed self-defense have NO delegated authority to do so!!

  7. CarlS Says:

    So what is that purple “toga” he’s wearing? Is that supposed to tell us he’s royalty who must be obeyed or something? Isn’t his police badge and uniform enough to identify him as one of the “good” guys?

  8. Old NFO Says:

    +1 on KM… sigh

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