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You must be crazy to like the second amendment

Gun guys you to say that a push to make gun ownership contingent upon a psych evaluation would lead to the those doing the evaluating concluding that those who want guns must be crazy. Seems that may have happened when a man who was supportive of the second amendment in Illinois:

[Plaintiffs allege that, as] of February 3, 2011, Plaintiffs possessed FOID cards, owned firearms, and kept their firearms in their home. At some point before February 3, 2011, David expressed “unpopular political views … about his support of Second Amendment rights” to “a locally elected official.” That official, somebody in that official’s office, or one of the individual defendants falsely construed David’s comments “as evidence that [he] had a mental condition that made him dangerous.” On February 3, 2011, [Illinois State Police] Lieutenant [John] Coffman wrote a letter to David revoking his FOID card under § 8(f) of the Act based on the false and unreasonable assertion that David had a “mental condition” within the meaning of that provision.

Couple with some political corruption too!

6 Responses to “You must be crazy to like the second amendment”

  1. The Neon Madman Says:

    That’s some catch, that Catch-22.

    Best there is.

  2. Linoge Says:

    Wow. Exercise your rights as protected by the First Amendment – in exactly the way our Founding Fathers intended them to be exercised – and your rights protected by the Second get unjustly stripped from you.


  3. mikee Says:

    You had me thinking the political corruption at “Illinois.”

  4. KM Says:

    Stalin & Khrushchev are smiling.

  5. chris Says:

    I have recently been to Illinois (near East St. Louis, where I was born) a couple of times completely disarmed and scared to death.

    I hope that Illinois joins an interstate reciprocity network someday.

    After carrying for many years, being disarmed feels awkard and frightening.

    The notion that Illinois public officials think that anyone takes them seriously is itself rather comical.

    Illinois also needs a reciprocity agreement with a Federal Correctional Institute to ship its Governors and other politicians to when they leave office.

  6. Skeptical_Realist Says:

    “Gun guys you to say that a push to make…”

    Sorry, couldn’t get past this. My brain shut down.

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