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Tax Avoidance

So, you want a suppressed, short-barreled 10/22 but the thought of ponying up $400 in taxes isn’t appealing? Well, do the Tactical Solutions SBX will cut your tax burden in half:


It’s a sixteen and half inch barrel so you don’t run afoul of SBR tax laws but it has a barrel shroud* that houses your suppressor. It is threaded at -28 TPI to fit most factory suppressors, such as my Gemtech Outback II


I dropped it in a Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom stock. I like the ergonomics of it. It’s almost AR-15ish.

* It does not go up.

8 Responses to “Tax Avoidance”

  1. Nick Says:

    Every time I see this barrel setup I think of the time I screwed up and didn’t thread the end cap of my TAC22 on tight enough and it just left itself on my 10/22, and then I wonder what I would do if it happened with this barrel.

  2. Ryan Says:

    I almost pulled the trigger on one of these a while back but just couldn’t make myself do it. $285 for the barrel is basically the same as I would spend for threading my 10/22 and paying my tax stamp but to each his own. I guess I would rather give my $285 to Tactical Solutions vs. the ATF. Either way, it is pretty cool.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    True, Ryan. But without the wait, if you have your suppressor already.

  4. HL Says:

    Very nice counter-tops.

  5. aerodawg Says:

    Took me a second to get what you’re talking about. The shroud is permanently attached, pushing the length over 16″, but is of a big enough diameter than a suppressor can fit inside it. Not a bad idea really..

  6. aerodawg Says:

    And as far as giving $200 to TS vs the ATF, well I guaran-damn-tee Tactical Solutions doesn’t have a nearly year long wait like the ATF does….

  7. wizardpc Says:

    That’s because TacSol would experience consequences and repercussions for providing bad customer service. The ATF has no such limitations lol.

  8. Mjolnir Says:

    * it does not go up…I LOL’d 🙂

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