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If gymnastics was easy, they’d call it football

My little girl challenged a kid from the local championship team to a push up contest:

Five minutes before this, she did 50 push ups and 5 one-armed right handed and 5 one-armed left handed. 48-27 if you must know. Junior wouldn’t participate in the tackling contest because she’s smart.

Oh, and, also, you should apparently subscribe to my nephew’s youtube channel because that is important to him.

28 Responses to “If gymnastics was easy, they’d call it football”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    Hate to break it to you, Uncle, but it’s a well known fact that because little kids don’t weigh much, stuff like this is actually very easy for them. Muscle mass and age don’t typically keep pace with one another, so the older you get, the more muscle and less mass you need to maintain to be able to keep those sorts of activities at the same levels as when you were younger.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Yes, because no one knows that.

  3. Pat D Says:

    Power to weight ratios.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Yeah, like i said, no tackling contest. It’s good stuff.

  5. PacRim Jim Says:

    The explanation of the discrepancy is obvious.
    The boy was pushing himself away from the floor, while the girl was pushing the floor away from herself.

  6. Bill Chunko Says:

    First, congratulations to your daughter Uncle. Second, anyone that has any familiarity with gymnastics won’t be surprised by the results, gymnasts can be so strong as to defy belief. And third, kudos to the football player, he displayed great character.

  7. JKB Says:

    My grandfather used to say, if when calf is born, you pick it up every day, when it is full grown you’ll be able to pick up the cow.

    Every day you skip takes it toll. Works when lifting yourself as well.

  8. Cargosquid Says:


    Definitely well done on both their parts.

  9. dk Says:

    Stupid comparison and overly sensitive response when people call you on it.

  10. Harwood Says:

    That “power to weight ratio” dodge is a crock. Take two college seniors, same age. One is a champion gymnast, the other a champion football player. In body-weight exercises, the gymnast will outperform the football player approximately ten times out of ten.

  11. TKDIII Says:

    Can’t we all get along? Push-ups are not the be all, end all measure of … anything. A pretty good measure of strength, sure. But many fit football players have other gifts. Like not participating, always, in the comfort of a 72 degree, windless environment. Or running into, through or around lots of large, mean men. Or participating in 75 or so intense “plays” every week, again with said large, mean men. Gymnast are great athletes, though often smaller than the average D1 college football player. But many football players (think Adrian Peterson) are spectacular athletes, albeit in different ways.

  12. jon Says:

    Oh my goodness people (1st and 3rd poster). This was meant to be cute. Not actually show that UNCs daughter is going to beat up a 14 year old. ChiLL out!

  13. Dustin Says:

    Awesome kids. Both, including the guy who participated.

    It’s always good to see a little pride in athleticism about there. We need a whole lot more of that.

  14. JackSchitz Says:

    With all due respect to both participants in this, you all should look at the form of both parties’ pushups. The girl has a wide arm position and the boy has a close in arm position. As anyone who has done their share of pushups knows, a wide position allows you to recruit your pectorals AND your triceps. A narrow position restricts your pectorals and thus reduces your overall pushing power. Just an observation…

  15. Squeaky Wheel Says:

    Guys. They’re two kids doing push-ups.

    It was a friendly competition.

    She smoked him, everyone had fun, everyone THERE was a good sport about it.

    Awesome kids! Glad they’re both doing something athletic and having fun with it so they’ll continue. 🙂

  16. AndyN Says:

    I’m with Squeaky on this.

    Congratulations to both sets of parents for raising children who want to do something other than sit in front of a screen all day. Congratulations to his parents for raising a young man who can face defeat and friendly mockery with grace and good humor. That will serve him better in life than any amount of upper body strength.

  17. Bill Peschel Says:

    Except it wasn’t presented as a friendly competition, so it’s easy to read it otherwise.

    When you have several readers calling Uncle on something he thought he didn’t mean to write, the problem lies with the writer, not the readers.

    Still, good for both of them. They’re both doing something they love, and I hope they keep enjoying it.

  18. SayUncle Says:

    Oh it was all in good fun and friendly. I don’t know that I indicated otherwise.

  19. SayUncle Says:

    Except the title which is in reference to a shirt someone got my kid. The two sports and two athletes are not even comparable.

  20. Bill Says:

    Au contraire, the two sports are very comparable. They both require immense physical preparation and work. They both require intense concentration and practice. They both require great coordination, they both require an intense belief that at that moment, on that day, you are better than your opponent.

    The sports are different, and require different skill sets, but they are both sports and require many more of the same things!

    Having watched two sons play QB at the high school and college level, one of whom would do standing backflips and handsfree walkovers to celebrate TD’s, our admiration for gymnasts is vast.

    Bravo to your little girl, and bravo to the young man, who most likely knew he was about to be whupped! Good sports all!

  21. SayUncle Says:

    Hah. I told him he could take consolation in that no gymnast has ever gotten a 5 year, $120M contract.

  22. Bill Says:

    So true, greatness is not compensated equally in our world!

  23. JessB Says:

    Acctually, if she continues her gymnastics training, she’ll still whoop up on him regardless of age. Pound for pound, gymnasts are some of the strongest athletes regardless of sport. It’s the only sport I recommend for children under 12 years of age, especially for females.

  24. Bill Says:

    All I know is that if we’re going to argue that it’s a question of power vs. weight ratio, then if the little lady thought it through and actually competed anyway? That’s a clever lass.

  25. Ben Says:

    Indeed, this schoolmate of Olympian gymnast Alicia Sacramone found out the hard way just how strong gymnasts can be:

  26. rickn8or Says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but this gymnast impresses me.

  27. basement Dude Says:

    I bet I could drink them both under the table.

  28. erica Says:

    yeah rah rah football players are tough, but watch this

    then get Adrian Peterson in some tights and try to duplicate any one of these threes tasks.

    just needling guys, but the sports aren’t comparable.