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Good for bloggers to know

Every so often, I get someone emailing me and asking that I remove a comment or a story with their name because, well, you can read it here. Good to know that a commenter suing a newspaper to have his comments removed lost the case and has to likely pay attorneys’ fees.

2 Responses to “Good for bloggers to know”

  1. mikee Says:

    Today I learned a new lawerly term: “Fuck right off.”

    I am not a lawyer, but knowledge of the correct terminology helps with casual conversations at neighborhood parties attended by lawyers.

    Now I just need to sneak that phrase into the conversation appropriately, somehow…..

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    Ewww. Bloggers are NOT journalists. We know it and the journalists know it. I see my blog as a pipeline for information. If you wnat the information, use it. I don’t try for the style points like journalists do, and I’m not trying to uphold any “professional” standards like journalists claim they do. I’m not sure if this legal precedent will apply to bloggers. Whether it does or not will depend on whether the courts still have the ability to reason. Since appellate courts demonstrate daily that they lack this quality, all bets are off.