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If you’re one of those people who knows someone who was killed or wounded by a pit bull or a gun, then feels the need to search the web because the tragedy has made you want to become some sort of an activist or something, and then you find my site in the process of researching; do me a favor: Don’t email me and tell me crap like pit bulls are killers (duh, all dogs are. They have pointy teeth for a reason) and that guns are bad (no gun ever killed anyone, a person had to pull the trigger). It’s a waste of your time and, more importantly, mine. When hysterical and angry about something, you’re not at your best in terms of convincing me of anything and I won’t even try to convince you because it’s pointless. And, to be honest, I don’t want to hear it.

Or as noted at Drug War Rant:

Well, there ya go. Victims are always right, after all. Suffering a tragedy bestows infallibility upon the victim — a kind of karmic reward for having lost something.

Which is why it makes so much sense to base law and policy on the hysterical ravings of angry, freaked-out victims. They and they alone possess the clarity of thought and the kind of wise, sober, carefully crafted ideas that make for good policy.

And anything you email me I will consider for print unless you tell me otherwise. Actually, even if you tell me not to and say something particularly stupid or hysterical, I might print it anyway. I’m just that sort of guy.

Having said all that and you decide you still want to email me, you can email me at:

Update 11/17/11: Once every few months or so, I get an email from some person who did something stupid, I saw it on the internet, linked to it, and used their name in my post. The email then goes on to tell me that theyíre having trouble finding work, getting a date, or whatever because people google up their name and see the stupid thing they did. Typically, if someone asks nicely and their act of stupid wasnít criminal, Iíll go to the post and delete the name. Not a big deal to me. However, when you email me saying that I have some deadline by which I must take it down or you will sue me, Iíll tell you to fuck right off. And Iíll tell you that you have a stupid lawyer. And if you keep it up, Iíll publish the post again.

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