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For the first time since 1993

I actually bought an AR-15 instead of building one:


It’s a Colt 6920, decked out with Magpul furniture. I was going to build a lighter weight AR and this was pretty much the configuration I would have gone with building my own, save for a pencil barrel.

I’ve also decided that I’m kind of over red dot and holographic optics. So I’m going to try the Burris MTAC 1-4 Illuminated Reticle Scope out. It gets good reviews all over the internets. But be warned that the MTAC is actually 30mm and not one inch. So, don’t order the wrong QD mount like I did. And get the right one instead. You’d think Amazon would recommend a mount that fits but you’d be wrong.

10 Responses to “For the first time since 1993”

  1. CaptDMO Says:

    Aaaand….How much?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    About $1,200.

  3. pdb Says:

    Pretty frickin’ smart. Is that mount tall enough to let you see over the front sight tower?

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Dunno. I’m sitting here doing the “return” envelope to send the wrong size back. Will know on Thursday.

  5. bluesun Says:

    Yeah, amazon’s magic monkeys don’t know crap about guns, in my experience.

  6. jdrush Says:

    Seeing over the FSB is overrated. I guess on 1x it might show up. I have no problems with a 2x scope.
    A coworker has the full boat illuminated MTAC setup with a Fastfire III. Works great on his rifle.

  7. Motor-T Says:

    I’ve got that same scope. Couldn’t be happier.

  8. mmasse Says:

    I would go with the HD7 from Lucid and save all that extra money for ammo.

  9. wizardpc Says:

    Seeing over the FSB is overrated. I guess on 1x it might show up. I have no problems with a 2x scope.

    Really? I’ve got a 3x P-223 and the front tower is a really annoying ghost. I’ll cop to not knowing what the hell I’m doing, though, so any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated!

  10. Tam Says:

    The MTAC is one of the few optics choices out there with a street price under five bills that’s really good.

    Burris and Aimpoint are probably selling MTACs and PROs like they’re going out of style.

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