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On the NFA rule changes

Looks like the NFATCA petitioned for a look at the rules and ATF went and made up different rules, then cited NFATCA.

ATF also cites one case of someone trying and failing to get a suppressor after being denied. Yes, ATF noticed that the owner of the trust was a prohibited person and denied the transfer. Odd.

Also, genius from the comments:

Something has to be done. Too many criminals paying $500 to a lawyer to establish a trust, then spending $15k more to buy a machine gun, $1k more to buy a silencer, $400 more in tax stamps and waiting 8-10 months to go kill a bunch of people. Enough! We need tougher gun control! This is way too easy!


14 Responses to “On the NFA rule changes”

  1. Will Brown Says:

    OTOH it is still only a proposal as of yet; I established my NFA trust just today, over the phone – took about 6 minutes. I’ll have all the co-trustee and beneficiary info emailed in over the holiday weekend and, after that can you say ex-post facto law along with me?

    There are a lot of questions still unanswered (like, will this proposed change even happen? being one of them), but this isn’t a “done deal” by any means yet.

  2. divemedic Says:

    Extending the CLEO requirement to all will end virtually all NFA transfers. The criminals will be the only ones transferring NFA items at that point.

  3. HL Says:

    I have had four stamps in my life, from 2 different counties, and with 3 different signatories with never a hiccup from the CLEO.

    Is it that hard for the majority of those seeking a signoff to get one?

  4. Lance Says:

    I know one county over the CLEO will not sign off on NFA items it does not matter who you are.

  5. ekrauos Says:

    a novel idea.

    get rid of NFA.

    if baby steps are needed, we can start with barrel lengths, then suppressors before taking on the big daddy of full auto

  6. Aaron Says:

    Anyone have any idea what NFATC was thinking when they proposed both 1. The removal of the CLEO sign-off and 2. Subjecting trusts/corp responsible persons to the background checks?

    To the Obama administration of all administrations?

    I could understand a simple proposal to revise 1, but adding 2 to the proposal led to this dog’s breakfast of the CLEO sign-off remaining and Trusts and Corp persons being subject to the requirement.

  7. somedude Says:

    If the Obama Administration gets rid of trusts, that will be a good thing, because he will give a lot of radical folks staneing. Doesn’t take a genius to plan the litigation strategy that will get the CLEO signature requirement invalidated by a friendly court. Thanks, Obama, you’ve now given us an angle to challenge the NFA restrictions on equal protection grounds!

  8. Bob in Houston Says:

    I think here in Harris County , Texas, the CLEO pretty much refuses to sign off on any NFA items, this sucks, I’m about half way saved up for a can for my .458 SOCOM.

  9. Jim W Says:

    Shit, guess I better send in one last Form 4 before this bullshit goes in.

  10. Tim Says:

    Not sure why, but can no longer get to your site via Google Chrome. It takes me to a 2003 or so version of your blog. Firefox works. Anyone know a solution?

  11. Tim Says:

    ahh…adding /2013 gets me there.

  12. Sebastian Says:

    somedude: You’re kiddding right? You’ll be lucky if you get semi-automatic firearms and magazines protected by the courts. Very lucky. NFA is a non-starter in the federal courts. In the space of “Not going to happen.”

  13. Chas Says:

    Can I get a 10mm Thompson, with a titanium frame? Yo, capitalism! Capitalism? Oh, Obama.

  14. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    OT: Happy Labor Day!

    Labor Day fun facts:
    There were plenty of non-violent labor actions before and after Chicago Haymarket Terrorist Bombing (May 4, 1886) but that event is the one that Labor celebrates as the beginning of their “movement.” Other things, like the Chicago Meat Packers negotiating an 8 hour day when the attack occurred, were set back for quite some time.
    In the 20th century, the Weathermen commemorated that terrorist bombing with two of their own: October 5, 1969 and October 6, 1970.

    BTW, they never paid any NFA taxes on their bombs.

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