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11 years

Every year, Tam’s post noting her blog’s anniversary reminds me mine is two days later. So, today, this blog is 11 years old.

Thanks for reading and commenting and only occasionally giving me shit.

20 Responses to “11 years”

  1. mikee Says:

    This website was a suggested home for daily gun reading from Kim du Toit when he stopped blogging. I got here from there, and incidentally also got to Tam’s from there.

    I’ll keep reading as long as the price stays low and the quality remains as high as it has been for the past several years.

    Thanks for all the good stuff.

  2. Josh Says:

    Been reading here at least 6-7 years… thanks for all the laughs Uncle!

  3. Tam Says:

    That’s a long, long time.

    My blog is older than YouTube, but yours is older than MySpace!

  4. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Thanks for all the free ice cream, sorry you’ve sometimes gotten repaid in free shit. =)

    I recommend your blog to all my gun friends and acquaintances, both for your own material and for your comprehensive blogroll sidebar.

    It makes for a handy one stop shop, rather than going from “favorite” to “favorite” in my browser.

  5. Skip Says:

    Congrats Uncle!

  6. Jay G. Says:

    You’ve been doing this longer than I have, brother. Power to you.

  7. Siergen Says:

    If this is your blog-birthday, where are the videos of muzzle-blasts blowing out candles? 😉

  8. John Richardson Says:

    11 years in blog years is like a century in real time,

    Congrats on your blogaversary,

  9. Old NFO Says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done Unk!

  10. Robert17 Says:

    I frequently read, occasionally comment, but have yet to give you shit. Why do I suddenly feel inadequate????

    Nice blog by the way.

  11. rickn8or Says:

    Wow. Eleven years. You’re SERIOUS about this hobby, aren’t you?

    But thanks for all the free ice cream. Keep on doin’ what you do, and we’ll keep the ice cream level from getting too high.

  12. John Farrier Says:

    Happy blogiversary!

  13. Dann in Ohio Says:

    I’m not sayin’ that Uncle’s blog is that old, but I first started following him on a brand new Commodore 64…


    Dann in Ohio

  14. guffaw Says:



  15. Beaumont Says:

    Ditto congratulations! In Internet time, 11 years is roughly equivalent, geologically, to the Mesozoic period.

  16. HardCorp Says:

    Your blog is the best! Thank you for all your hard work and honesty, that’s what makes the difference.

  17. hilljohnny Says:

    happy blogday. 🙂

  18. chris Says:

    Congrats, amigo, I have been reading this blog the entire time it’s been around.

    Here’s to many more good years.

  19. Grats Says:


    Its been a lot of good reads, thanks.

  20. Gmac Says:

    /sigh its late, congratulations.

    No idea how grats got into my username.

    I’m really glad you’ve been entertained enough to avoid the burnout bug.