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So, what caliber for aerial drone?

11 Responses to “Pull”

  1. mikee Says:

    Shotgunning a drone seems so unsporting.

    I suggest arming your own drone, and going in like the Red Baron against Snoopy, with honorable aerial combat selecting the winner.

    Of course, the Red Baron was brought down by infantry ground fire, so there is that to consider. One’s own drone could be brought down by friendly fire, so to speak.

  2. John Richardson Says:

    Sporting or not, I’d prefer a Quad Fifty. Even better would be if it was radar-controlled. That would be much better than trusting my old eyes.

  3. Cargosquid Says:

    And thus, the argument for privately held Stinger missiles.

    What was that, little anti? We don’t “need” anything more that “X”?

    Well, apparently we do.

    But I like Mikee’s idea. Make the drone look like a Sopwith Camel and a Snoopy doll “driving.”

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    The drones typically fly well above the 12ga ceiling, or even a .50. What I wonder is if, say, its GPS was spoofed, would it perhaps misunderstand its altitude? It could have a bad day.

  5. Kevin Baker Says:

    I’ve got to start working on a guidance system for some of these.

  6. mikee Says:

    And in 5 comments we go from WW I analogy to ICBM tech.

    MIRV, anyone?

  7. Gregory Morris Says:

    I’m guessing a lot of folks will buy that license just because it is cool. Heck, for $25, I’d probably get one.

  8. Paul Says:

    Look up WW2 Gerlich gun.

    And there is your solution. .50 Cal necked down to 40 and then cone bore and polygon rifling. Firing a .30 cal 300 grain slug at 6000 fps or so. That ought to reach any drone and do a kinetic energy kill.

  9. Crawler Says:

    I’m thinkin’ a 5-shot auto-loading Browning Gold 10-gauge with turkey loads should accomplish the deed.

    Of course, (5) 3.5-inch Magnum 00 Buckshot shells with (90) .33 caliber balls of lead from the same shotgun would be a kick-in-the-ass, too (albeit, kind of expensive…worth it, though…and “machine-mane”, if you will).


  10. KM Says:

    To shoot it you need to see it…which you CAN’T.

  11. Ron W Says:

    You gotta be thinking where your projectile will go if you miss.

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