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The Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen Project

I do love my TacPen. But it is difficult to deploy quickly. Well, for writing.

So, I do like this idea.

6 Responses to “The Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen Project”

  1. Tim Says:

    Dammit, you just made me have a shut up and take my money moment.

  2. Mike V Says:

    I have the aluminum clicky pen and am very happy with it.

  3. Bryan S. Says:

    Still no traditional fountain pen nib. Just something about writing with those.

  4. EricF Says:

    Ordered; thanks for the info.
    I have the current aluminum body/steel tip model.
    Great heavy-strength clicky pen.
    Wonder if the tip will also be titanium now?

  5. Lyle Says:

    Where are the rails and the built-in visible/IR light?

  6. Sigivald Says:

    Pfft. It should be non-retractable, and just spring open like an automatic knife.

    Because tactical.

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