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Senate advances gun bill

Some Republicans tagged along and let the bill move forward, claiming they want the Democrats on record as being anti-civil rights. Dunno. They should have let it die. Don’t panic but contact your senator. Live coverage here.

12 Responses to “Senate advances gun bill”

  1. Blue Waters Says:

    My senators are Feinstein and Boxer. I think I’ll save the dime.

  2. HerrBGone Says:

    Mine are Fauxcahontas and Deval Patric’s former right hand man at the State House. Given Mo’s open support of Illegal Mayors Against Guns and “common sense universal background checks” my dime would be wasted as well.

  3. The Freeholder Says:

    I’m not buying that excuse. We already know the Dems are anti-civil rights; we don’t need a list of who they are. You should never lose a chance to kill a bad bill, and that’s what 14 Republicans whizzed away.

    At least I now know for a fact NC has no Senator that gives a fried rodent’s posterior about my rights.

  4. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    Both TN Senators subverted the filibuster (my Freedom Bunker on it lists all 16) and from now on Lamar will be referred to as “Sen. Sasser” while Bob will be known as “Sen. Ford”.

  5. rickn8or Says:

    Sometimes I wish we HAD elected Junior instead of Corker.

    At least we could DEPEND on him to vote a certain way…

    Primary Alexander, recall Corker.

  6. wildbill Says:

    The Great State of Tennessee hangs it’s head in shame over the treasonous vote of it’s senators. A pox upon both of them.

  7. HL Says:

    The TN Senators have disgraced The Volunteer State. Vote. Them. Out.

  8. comatus Says:

    Beautifully put, wildbill. Senatorial in its rhetoric. The sort of speech that ought to be accompanied by a caning in the Chamber.

  9. Wolfwood Says:

    Wait a second, isn’t this the same bill you were cautiously optimistic about the other day? By re-mandating the background checks that are already required by dealers at gun shows, doesn’t this close the “Gun Show Loophole,” thus taking away that weapon from use on low-information voters?

  10. rickn8or Says:

    comatus, it’s a real shame caning senators went out of style.

  11. Kristophr Says:

    Actually, now that they actually have the text of the damned thing, it does, Wolfwood.

    If you start the transaction at a gunshow, or a gunshow parking lot, or from a newspaper ad or an internet want ad or service, the bill requires you to go find an FFL to do the transaction through.

  12. Ron W Says:

    Both our TN Senators have “A” ratings from the NRA. The NRA needs to reassess what an A rating means!!

    Their votes get an F in my opinion. An A rating should mean that a fed pol votes for NOTHING for which the Federal Government has NO delegated powers–which includes everything in this bill!

    The Federal Gov’t only has delegated power over “such part of the militia which may be EMPLOYED in the serviceof the UNited States (Article I, Section 8.16) Re: gun laws the 2nd Amendment and the 10th Amendment makes everything else UNLAWFUL!

    To put it mildly, our TN senators have voted to defy their oaths to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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