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Noted gun expert Joe Biden

You people who don’t hunt only like guns because of how it feels and to scare white people. Or something.

19 Responses to “Noted gun expert Joe Biden”

  1. David Says:

    You know, if you bing map crazy Joe’s house, when he tells Jill to go out on the back porch and blast off two shotgun rounds you’ll see that his house borders a school and Jill will be firing towards the children.

    Oh the children, the children….

  2. guffaw Says:

    Look up ‘maroon’ in the dictionary – you’ll see the V.P.

  3. Jeff Powell Says:

    Just trying to create a wedge between hunters and sport shooters.

  4. Jeffersonian Says:

    Around these parts we refer to slow Joe as “The idiot Biden.”

    We, the American people, are engaged in an abusive relationship with the powers that be in Washington. Mostly the progs but some alleged republicans as well are treating us as property or worse. Most of us, especially those of us who frequent Uncle’s site here did not vote for this. Did not ask for this. Never expected this nor anticipated that we’d be here, but here we are.

    I have concludeed that enough is enough. I will not tolerate further abuse. I simply will not take it any more.

    No, I won’t set the sheets on fire. But I refuse to tolerate any. More. Abuse. I will not. Any law Congress passes that restricts my right to liberty and the tools of self-protection will be regarded by me as the anti-constitutional, illegal drivel that they are and I refuse to follow them. They are tyrants and felons who desrve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    I don’t work for them. I don’t exist for them. I do not belong to them and I will not be controlled or beholden to them. Fuggem.

    Never surrender.
    Never submit.
    Molon Labe’.

  5. Crawler Says:

    Joe Biden is living proof that any crass imbecile can step in a political bucket of scat and come out smelling like a Vice President.

    And all this time I thought Pat Paulsen was a joke…

  6. IllTemperedCur Says:

    John Nance Garner famously quipped that the VP job wasn’t worth a bucket of warm piss. Joey Plugs continually reminds us that he’s a man worthy of the position.

  7. comatus Says:

    Crawler puh-leeze, Paulsen never ran for VP. Beneath him.

    You know, a really good five-cent cigar probably wouldn’t do this country any harm.

  8. AndyN Says:

    As much as it pains me to agree with anything this imbecile says, Biden’s right up to a point. Utility aside, guns are fun to shoot, and more exotic guns are more fun to shoot. It’s why ranges can charge exorbitant fees to rent out full-autos. I have no idea how the numbers break down – and Biden admits that he doesn’t either – but there’s no sense denying that there are people who own guns just because they get a kick out of the way it feels to shoot them.

    That said, every time some asshat with more money than sense gets drunk or high or simply stupid and kills several people with his Ferrari, we don’t have a “national conversation” about banning high performance cars and making it more difficult to buy anything more powerful than a Smart ForTwo.

    Oh, and the Constitution doesn’t guarantee my natural right to drive a Ferrari.

  9. Rob Crawford Says:

    “You know, a really good five-cent cigar probably wouldn’t do this country any harm.”

    Unless Bill Clinton gets hold of it.

  10. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Rabidly anti-Jewish comments like this are an outrage.

    When did the Democratic Party turn agains the Jews like this so openly?

  11. bob smith Says:

    If it makes you feel good to own a gun, then own a gun. Last time I checked, there is no law against things just because they make you feel good.

  12. lucusloc Says:

    @ bob

    there are a lot of things that I am legally barred from owning. Any full auto manufactured after 1986 for example. I am also priced out of owning a lot of other things because of the $200 tax stamp and how that drives up the price.

  13. Bill Says:


    Actually, you are not barred from owning them, you’ve just got to get the proper approval to do so. Lots of people own weapons in that category.

    The tax stamp is the same deal.

    That said, many of us feel both of those statutes are also unconstitutional, and thus illegal, and they need to be struck down, but no one has had the money to carry the fight.

  14. HL Says:


  15. Fin Says:

    Jeff Powell Says:

    “Just trying to create a wedge between hunters and sport shooters.”

    Agreed. Too bad the fudds in our midst (AKA Jim Zumbo) gave him and others like him the idea that it was possible (to divide us) in the first place. If we could just stand united, there would be no cracks in the armor. [sigh]

  16. Old NFO Says:

    I would say he is comedic relief, but he’s one heartbeat away, which is TRULY scary!!!

  17. SteveA Says:

    @bill, sorry but you can’t own a full auto made after ’86, thats when they closed the registry.
    Thats why a full auto AK runs you 5k-15k dollars here in the states, yet marstars in canada sells brand new ones for 895.00 dollars.

  18. Stretch Says:

    As one who proudly wore a “Paulsen for President” in THREE campaigns I firmly believe Pat Paulsen is smarter then Biden, Obama and the entire Cabinet … combined.
    Paulsen’s satirical campaign appearances displayed a far better understanding of the Constitution and political theory than exhibited by any candidate (from either party) in the last 20 years.

  19. Geodkyt Says:

    Bob —

    The only individuals who can own post-86 MGs are licensed NFA dealers, importers, or manufacturers.

    The dealers can only own two of any particular model of MG, unless they have a proof of intent letter from a government agency showing they have a NEED for more than one or two for imminent business reasons.

    Manufacturers can MAKE as many as they want, in anticipation of future government or export sales.

    However, the FFL/SOT fees are reasonably steep (especially considering if you’re getting post-86 guns, you MUST keep the FFL/SOT active as long as you own the guns), and if you have a manufacturer’s ticket, the ITAR fees are even higher. Then there are teh costs associated with running a business — safe storage, etc. Plus, if you cannot show that you are running an actual business, ATF will simply not renew your FFL/SOT when it comes up — that is how they drove most FFLs (the overwhelming majority of home based FFLs) out of business in the 1990s.

    If having a professional business license counts as “no law prohibiting you from owning”, then technically, you can own nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles and a nuclear powered sub to hold a couple dozen of them. Because, until Uncle Sam takes delivery, those are owned by the manufacturers (like General Dynamics, etc.). Just like post-86 MGs.