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So, I got internet gun nutted on the bookface

I posted a picture on facebook of a friend of mine having just laid to waste all manner of multi-legged critters with my bug a salt. So, here’s the pic in question:


So, yes, she has her finger on the trigger. And her other fingers are her showing off a bug she just blasted with salt. And the internet did what it does. On a toy that shoots salt 3 feet. And I got “keep your booger hook off the bang switch” comments. To a woman who has never shot a real gun (but we’re working on that) Really? Way to welcome her to guns!

The real crime here is that I posted the pic of her with her eyes closed.

Update: Though, I did notice the other day I was indexing a hammer drill. And, just so you know, the four rules of gun safety apply to pressure washers. Ouchie.

19 Responses to “So, I got internet gun nutted on the bookface”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Yeah… that’s about on the level of arguing that someone holding a power drill doesn’t have their finger properly indexed.

  2. Michaelbuckley Says:

    The Bug a Salt is awesome!

  3. Sebastian Says:

    If it makes her feel any better, when I first got my Bug-A-Salt, I loaded it up, cocked the mechanism, took the safety off, then put my hand a foot in front of the muzzle and pulled the trigger to see whether it would cut the mustard.

    That pretty much violates every safe rule of gun handling too.

  4. Bryan S. Says:

    Friendface… so behind the times.

  5. aczarnowski Says:

    *sigh* Zero tolerance is always dumb.

    She looks happy. The world could use a lot more of that.

  6. DJMoore Says:

    I try to index my circular saw.

    Darn near impossible; those things are made to be carried finger on the trigger.

  7. bobby Says:

    A cute and happy female friend having quasi-gun fun? VERY nice jobm Unc!

  8. Standard Mischief Says:

    The idea behind constantly reminding everyone about the 4 rules is *not* to shame people into submission. Nor is it to be an asshole. Because let’s face it, we all screw up sometimes. Hopefully we only make *one* mistake at a time.

    Instead, think of yourself as a fellow traveler, and both you and your friend are following the path of zen and the art of perfect muscle memory. Quoting the wikipedia koan: When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort.

    The perfect muscle memory doesn’t mean that you never violate the rules, just that you never violate the rules without snapping back into condition orange, pausing, and making a conscious effort to minimize the risk – like when cleaning a firearm inside a room and making absolutely sure the firearm is unloaded and pointed the safest direction practical.

    Help your fellow travelers, and ask them to help you along too. Don’t be a dick.

  9. Ted N Says:

    Good pic Unc!

  10. dan Says:

    Smiling like that with a Bug-a-Salt…think how much fun she’ll have when she gets to the range. Outstanding!

  11. MAJMike Says:

    Pretty lady.

    More, please.

  12. ronald renneberg Says:

    i think that bug gun is great i have to get one before the fools in office say they use to much salt

  13. Cliff Says:

    I too find myself indexing on the circular saw and the recip too. A lot harder on the recip since it is so front heavy.

    Hey Unc, any suggestions for quality recipricating saw blades?

  14. SD3 Says:

    “…the pic of her with her eyes closed.”

    Eyes? What eyes?

  15. Sigivald Says:

    SD3: Those things on her body.

    A pair of them, bilaterally symmetrical.

    Pretty rounded.

    Oh, and on her face.

  16. JustSomeGuy Says:

    Nice pic, Unc. Introducing friends to the joy of shooting (salt at bugs) is what it’s all about!

    It may have cropped up before…but pedantry on fine points in online forums is not enlightening the new among us. And it’s a personal irritant. We keep trying to eat our own, and our ‘young.’

    I welcome these folks who take such joy shooting (salt at bugs) and trust that, as appropriate, you can handle the finer points of firearms education without my snarkish input.


  17. Gerry Says:

    My wife liked this but had terrible finger discipline. I made her do burpees till she got it right.

    Your friend does not have much of a war face.

  18. Ritchie Says:

    At my place of employment, we make laser guns. Sadly, very low powered ones, that will just get you a speeding ticket. I used to walk around from station to station, yanking the trigger to hear the beeps and other noises, then I realized that this was an unhealthy habit. Now I index speed guns.

  19. Smince Says:

    Huuurrrr! uh shurrt er burrrrggg!

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