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Radio Song

So, if you can’t tell, I’ve been busy. I’ve been busier than a blogger trying to come up with new “busier than” metaphors. So, hence the decrease in free blog ice cream. And if I haven’t responded to you, sorry about that but I’ll get to it. One thing about being busy is that my particular busy involves a lot of time driving to different job sites and doing stuff and, mostly, telling other people to do stuff.

Until recently, I’d not listened to the radio regularly in a long, long time. Probably going on 10 years or so. But, spending so much time in the truck, even an iPod loaded up with over 8,000 songs becomes repetitive. So, I broke down and started listening to some different morning and afternoon talk shows. In this area, there’s nothing good on news radio from 10am to 12pm. At all. Your choices are Geraldo Rivera (who sucks), Herman Cain (also sucks) or NPR (who sucks but with a bit more Zzzzzzzzzzz). So, I’ve been listening to the “new rock” station in that slot, and by “new rock”, they mean the same shit they are playing when I stopped listening ten years ago with the occasional newish song tossed in.

But this ain’t a post about that, it’s a post about this: radio edits. You see, some songs say curse words and the radio must edit those out or, I guess, pay a fine or some such. But now they do it without a beep or just skipping the word. Now, they transpose the first couple of sounds in the cuss word. So, for instance, “shit” sounds “i sh t” and “fuck” sounds like “u f ck”. Now, this sounds like shit, figuratively. I sounds like shit both figuratively and literally if the edited word is actually “shit”. Because now they are saying “i sh t” and the “sh” *pause* “t” sounds just like shit.


14 Responses to “Radio Song”

  1. Ken in NH Says:

    Unless it’s a baby boomer song by The Who, then you can leave the “fuck” in for 35 years.

  2. BenC Says:

    Try loading up the iPod with podcast they are free and you can listen to them at your leisure. Some of my favorites are Adam Corolla, Penn Sunday School, Adam & Drew,and The Nerdist.

  3. DonkeyShow Says:

    podcast are the way to fly. any interest there are podcasts.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    But, spending so much time in the truck, even an iPod loaded up with over 8,000 songs becomes repetitive.

    This is truth, and if you had told me in Jr. High that one day we’d have Magic Elf Boxes that stored 8000 song libraries of music, and we would become bored with them, I’d have said you were stark raving mad. But that’s how it is.

  5. Jeff Powell Says:

    That sounds like some really stupid shit

  6. Acme Rocket Says:

    Sounds like it’s time for someone to get some satellite radio. It’s worth every penny if you live in middle America.

  7. Secret Squirrel Says:

    XM radio all the way. A bit expensive the first month, but if you call in thereafter you can get it for about $5 a month.

    They actually shut up and play music. Amazing.

  8. ern Says:

    I’ve never really understood the point of radio edits, especially nowadays when the internet is basically uncensored. A few curse words aren’t going to hurt anyone, but no, the children MUST BE PROTECTED. The curses are still completely understandable.

    Sometimes it’s funny what gets edited and what doesn’t. I remember hearing a rather risque (comparatively) Nickelback song that one minute is talking about a girl’s pants being around her feet, and then the next line they blank out “damned.” Just try and convince me that makes any sense.

    And then there’s this, where the blanked out sections make the whole thing sound worse than it is:

  9. UTLaw Says:

    When I was in school, there was a station in Knoxville that would bleep out the word gun, or the name of a gun, in various songs.

  10. chris Says:

    I never buy the “clean version” of CDs.

    I don’t like messing with the artistic content (e.g. “son of a buck”).

    I don’t listen to the radio, except when I listen to my wife’s Sirius (but she and I don’t listen to the same types of music), but at least there are no commercials.

  11. ATLien Says:

    Is it irony that the children who are to be protected by this nonsense probably cuss more than the singer of the song?

  12. phenicks Says:

    I call BS on no adds on satellite radio (XM)! They are constantly hocking other channels. It is slightly less bad then commercial radio. Also satellite radio sounds funny. I don’t know if its the compression, but voices sound “flat” and has a weird echo. We’ve tried several stereos, and car audio systems with it and they are all the same. HD radio is great, but unless you have good content, it still sucks.

  13. Lyle Says:

    It’s only a small part of the insanity that will inevitably result in a country that has both the first amendment AND the FCC. Welcome to crazyland. Thanks, Progressives.

  14. The Comedian Says:

    Try the Adam Carolla show, available on iTunes & a bunch of other outlets.

    I’ve been listening to it as my commute filler for the better part of two years now. Funny, insightful and damn near ad free. Hell, Adam is so funny that the few live read ads he does are entertaining, too.

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