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Cucumber Gin and Tonic

I love cucumbers and make cucumber water, cucumber Popsicles, pickles, grilled cucumbers and on and on. Based on a friend’s suggestion, I made a cucumber gin and tonic. Easy to do. Just cut up half a cucumber and place it in a pitcher. Cover with gin and let soak in the fridge for a few hours. Then, pour the gin into a glass and add some tonic. Garnish with a cucumber.




16 Responses to “Cucumber Gin and Tonic”

  1. MJM Says:

    Like, me, you are anticipating our Tennessee spring and summer days. Soon, soon.

  2. cybrus Says:

    Does a noticeable amount of flavor transfer after just a few hours?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Yes. Just a couple.

  4. Awelowynt Says:

    Try it with Hendricks gin. It’s a very unique tasting gin, but I like it more with the cucumber.

  5. cybrus Says:

    Fantastic! I’ll have to give that a try.

    And Awelowynt, I love Hendricks gin! Just a little ice and it’s good to go!

  6. Borepatch Says:

    +5 to Awelowynt on the Hendrick’s recommendation – it has pronounced overtones of cucumber. It should make a greate cucumber G & T, although I’d go light on the Tonic to make sure the flavors all come out. But that’s just me.

  7. Gene Hoffman Says:

    An awesome hotel in Zurich makes this with Hendricks but adds cracked black pepper. I thought it was zany too, until I drank it… And I am a huge G&T fan in general.


  8. SayUncle Says:

    Must. Try. Cracked. Pepper.

  9. comatus Says:

    Pepper was a big deal in the early days of gin. I got in a fight with a museum docent once, who said there was no known reason a paper cone of pepper corns (say it fast) would appear in a Dutch still-life alongside a gin flagon and one of them cool rollover tumblers with punts on the side to hold like a grenade.

    I reminded her of the purpose of pepper in wartime Moscow vodka. This not being a part of her art training, she was highly unamused. People noticed.

    In a poorly working still, the pepper grains are needed to precipitate out the fusel oil, or you’ll go blind. You never see a Russian drink everything in the glass (or didn’t 70 years ago). Other’n the dead rabbits and shellfish, that’s about all I know about still-life. Good one thing to know, though.

  10. Spade Says:

    Cucumber goes great with gin.

    I’ve muddled a cucumber with some mint and a bit of sugar in a glass, then added ice, then poured gin over it all with a cuke slice for garnish. Really good if made right.

  11. HL Says:

    As Will Ferrell says…

  12. Phelps Says:

    Ditto the Hendricks. (It’s also the only gin to use when you want a nice negroni.)

  13. NotClauswitz Says:

    And the quinine in the tonic helps prevent Malaria!

  14. IllTemperedCur Says:

    I used to do these really nifty vodka tomato balls.

    Blanch and peel some cherry tomatoes

    Skewer on toothpicks and dump in a bowl

    Pour vodka over the lot until covered, freeze overnight

    Serve the next evening. Yum

  15. chris Says:

    It’s obviously a healthy drink, so you should live a long time.

  16. Jennifer Says:

    Agreed on the Hendricks. Must try the cracked pepper

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