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Registration leads to . . .

Make no mistake, the current background check proposals are about registration. That being almost secondary to the gun control proposals being a snub to us cousin-humping rednecks. That law has the most likelihood of passing though the deal is not done. And the registration angle fits with their own report.

Pay no attention to the gun grab behind the curtain

The other goal is to break us. They’ve thrown everything at us and the one thing that stuck was the background checks. Keep your eye on the ball.

5 Responses to “Longball”

  1. Jailer Says:

    All this information sharing and representative/senator contacting is good and well but when do we get a GOP with a fucking backbone that will actually stand up and fight?

    I have no faith in the panty waists in office now. They will sell us out, just wait and see.

    Ok, done venting now………..

  2. Chris Says:

    Going to be interesting to see how it stands up to a challenge under the commerce clause.

  3. Joel Says:

    Oh, man. Put not thy faith in the commerce clause.

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Also keep in mind that if they impose Mandatory Liability Insurance, they GET another Background Check, more Registration, a source of Funding, another Database for non-LEOs to access, ability to Deny Coverage (which means you have Confiscation), and it all comes from the Starting Point of Background Checks and Registration.

  5. wizardpc Says:

    And due to Haynes, criminals won’t be required to register.